What is polarized light?

When the amount of light reflected from any smooth, shiny surface from water, snow, ice, shop window, car glass, it can be converted into a polarized thread. Waves of polarized light arising in these cases, oscillate in only one direction and not in all.

When unpolarized light is reflected from extensive horizontal surfaces, from water, for example, it will be polarized and begin to oscillate only in the horizontal direction. This light is called linearly or plane polarized, it gives that unpleasant disturbing brilliance, from which the eyes feel discomfort.

Polarized lenses

Polarized lenses, like all lenses, reduce the sensitivity to very bright light, block the blinding effect caused by the reflection of light from specular and transparent surfaces. So, polarized lenses allow safe and comfortable to be outside in Sunny weather.

The main principle of action of such lenses is to pass only the useful light. Natural light is propagating perpendicular to the direction vector. The light falls on the hood of the car, water, wet road and reflected from them, but a polarized lens blocks it and passes only the useful natural light. Improved perception is also enhanced by the sharpness of the sensations of the surrounding world.

The advantages of polarized lenses are:

- improvement of contrasts;
- neutralizing the blinding glare;
given the saturation of colors;
- reducing the brightness of the halo around the light source;
- protection from ultraviolet light 100%;
- improving the quality of perception of the world;
- increase visual comfort;
- maximum protection from the sun;
- guarantee optimum safety wear.

In which cases do you need polarized lenses?

Sunglasses with polarized lenses are essential for fishing and water sports. They eliminate the glare of the sun reflected from the water. For organization of outdoor activities such lenses also would be helpful, as they improve contrast and color quality. Driving the car the driver will be protected from the glare of the sun reflected off of the hood, a wet road or the windshield.

Polarized lenses help in blinding, and the destabilising effect the glitter creates a problematic and sometimes life-threatening situation. Polarized lenses, due to these advantages, are becoming increasingly popular for eye protection when spending time outdoors in conditions of excessive brightness of the sun radiation in the mountains, on the beach, when doing winter sports.