The husband does not work: what is the problem?
Women by nature are soft and gentle creatures, feeling a sense of loyalty, did not immediately begin to think that their favorite is not working. Someone's husband is retired, another is seriously ill and so on and so forth. In life anything can happen, but women suffer, wait, and work, so as to provide for a family, lead a life, take care of the kids. The reasons may be different, but if your man isn't working and it lasts a long time, from several months to several years, should seriously consider. Maybe your guy just does not want to work?
What if the guy does not work?
Of course, you can take a passive state and wait for the "miracle" that the guy himself to change for the better. However, this is not the best choice.
Try to show your lover that you find it difficult to pull your life and work, and you would like to receive support. If nothing changes, and your guy will continue to do nothing, then perhaps you man not need it. Of course, if you are willing to accept the fact that all life will be to live with a guy who had no qualms sitting on your neck.
How to make a guy work?
If your guy is not looking for work, take part yourself in the search of earnings. To help you can newspaper ads online. Force him to go to job interviews.
If he continues to rest, while rejecting all your offers for a long time, he is a slacker and lazy. A real man will not allow his girlfriend to work for him, he will go to work and provide for his family.
Tell the guy that you don't need a parasite, and you want a divorce. If he would not mind such a turn, it remains to regret that you spent your time on this person and to start a new life.
It's not working: nothing!
There are families in which the man works and the woman is a real workaholic, as well as the financial support of the family. If you do not mind this situation, and allow your revenues, all are satisfied, then, well, live.
However, in such families, the man usually performs wifely duties.
And last, unfortunately, at any moment the situation may not be convenient for you. You can get pregnant, and then you go: the birth of a baby, problems at work that will make you and your husband if your income is suddenly reduced, you'll in that case, feel husband, your support and your neck even more than before?