White mustard is pancake plant of the cabbage family. The plant is very undemanding and cold-resistant, so you can sow it can start as soon as thawed snow. Mustard can withstand freezing down to-5oC.

Green manure is very demanding on the substrate. Best white mustard grows on cultivated derno-podzolic soils previously fertilized with organic matter. Also quite good is increasing the green mass of sandy loam and peat soils. If your site is heavy clay, acidic ground or salt marshes, it is best to choose a different green manure.

Carefully prepare the soil for sowing of mustard. Sow the seeds not too rare, but not often, very often or often rows. Fill planting material with rakes to a depth of approximately 2 cm. After that, seal the soil to planting material better contact with the ground and began to germinate much faster.

The plant germinates after a couple of days, and a month later, the mustard will increase the green mass up to 15 cm At this time it is necessary to cut through ploskorez Fokine plow or cultivator. This should be done before the plant begins to bloom.

Please note that after incorporation of herbage into the soil, you must keep it the humidity, because in dry weather the green manure for a long time processed worms. If no rain, occasionally water the area with plantings.

The leaves quickly began to decompose, pour cut one of the tops of EM products, which will create favorable conditions for reproduction of beneficial soil micro-organisms and make mustard in micronutrients. The substrate will become loose, vozduhom and moisture-permeable.

White mustard) contributes to retention of nitrogen in the soil, prevents it from leaching. It also absorbs from the soil and other nutrients, converts them into organic form. Except for the fact that white mustard improves the soil structure, it also is a green healer. The plant revitalizes the soil, saves her from the wireworm, slugs, pea moth. Mustard contributes to the oppression scab of potato and late blight.

In mustard there is another remarkable property that it drowns out the weed growth. Consequently, after its cultivation will need to spend much less time on weeding.

After sowing the white mustard plant in the garden turnips, radishes and cabbage, as her disease and pests can jump on them, since these plants belong to the same family of cruciferous.