Write down what you want in life right now. Life has become fast, and often the winner is the one who is able to act faster than others. Write down your immediate need, a desire, a goal. It should be a very practical question, not something abstract. For example, you need money to buy good shoes for the next season.
Find books, magazines, newspaper, which tells how better and faster to achieve your goal. Such a book is, even if you have never been caught. Look better. Your task is not just to read some books, but to read something that will help to fulfill your needs and desires. In such books it is easiest to develop a habit of reading, to then move on to poetry, novels and poems - that is, to something less practical, but necessary for internal development.
Read and immediately apply in practice. Books should lead you to the goal. If one book doesn't work, look for another. A lot of books, but good books are much less. Become a book gold digger. The main thing - that you just seen how the book is helping you. Ask the lovers of reading, as they find such literature.