On the Internet recently there are many services providing free TV viewing online. You can find any TV show, you can see and even record on your hard drive.

To facilitate the search of channels you can download and install the software on your computer player that can play streaming TV videos. There are many similar apps, both Russian-and English interface.

If you want to watch domestic TV channels, better suited to TV Player Classic. This program allows you to take more than 120 Russian and foreign TV channels 1200 free. And also has an additional function of recording any transfer to hard drive in AVI format.

Foreign programs allow you to view even more free TV channels but mostly foreign. They offer more functionality. However, if you do not understand English, you should start with applications that have been translated into Russian language.

If you do not want to install additional software on the computer or planning rarely watch live TV online, free channels on Internet sites. On them you will find all the major TV channels and will be able to see them in real time.

Also very convenient that the stream at any moment you can pause it and run then when required. So you don't miss your favorite program, if you need to move away from the computer.

Some sites for watching streaming videos require installation of additional plugins. If you do not see the player, download the required add-on and restart your browser. The show will start playing.

Choose sites that do not require sending SMS. Most likely, these posts are paid.