Install Mozilla Firefox browser. The fact that Internet Explorer does not show the channels correctly or not showing them at all. Then select channels on any website, which provides online broadcast and select them in the personal account to start broadcasting. Remember that in order to view something that gives you pleasure is a prerequisite that a good rate of reception data, that is, high-speed Internet.
Download and install flash player. The most common and supports any standards – Adobe Flash Player. Put it in a minute, the download link provides all websites, organizing online TV. You can also view TV and using the standard Windows Media Player. Choose playing device depending on which channels you are going to watch: there are channels that broadcast only on WMP, and there are those who can see only by player Adobe. In addition to the players, install the standard codec pack. Most full – K-Lite Codec Pack.
To view TV channels you need to put the actual plugin. For channels which broadcast in WMP, install the plugin wmpfirefoxplugin. To view the IPTV you will need a set of plugins VLC, complete with which there is and quite a quality player. To install the pluginin Firefox and open the browser, click the menu "Tools" go to "Additions". Click on "Search extras" and navigate to "Browse all add-ons". There you will see a list of all available add-ons and next to each button, giving the ability to selectively install individual plug-in'ov. Plugins you can download from the official Firefox website, where they are divided into categories for better search. Any plugin to automatically add to Mozilla Firefox. After you download and install the plug-inov restart the browser. Only after that the plugin will function.