"The hangover"

This film is best watch with friends, as it is able to cheer anyone. The Comedy tells of the journey of four friends to Vegas, where they happen incredible stories. The soul of the company is insane and extraordinary fat Alan, contributing to the worsening situation. Marriage to a prostitute simple dentist and trouble with criminals awaiting spectators.

"Blair witch"

Watching a horror movie can be not only scary, but also exciting. Mockumentary movie about the search for the home of the famous witch in the woods is the ideal choice for a large company. The realism of the plot and plenty of surprises will make the night unforgettable.

"Life Of PI"

This movie is better to watch with friends on a big screen, such as widescreen plasma. Incredible special effects, shooting wildlife and a fantastic plot make this film a winning and memorable. In the center of the story is of an Indian boy distinguished by intelligence and love for animals. His father, a zoo owner. He decides to move across the ocean with all the animals and family, but shipwrecked everything turns upside down.


It is a drama and Comedy at the same time. Therefore, under this film and you can laugh, and think about important. This is best done with friends, able to feel the excitement from the picture. The plot tells the story of an unemployed man, whom fate brought to the work of a nurse is accompanying the disabled. The latter has huge resources and high intellectual level. However, he is bored and lonely. A new employee helps him to feel what a real life.

"We Millers"

It's a Comedy, and worth a watch with friends. A large number of funny and ridiculous scenes that make the film outstanding. The plot of strangers must band together in order to depict ordinary American family. The secrecy is necessary for the transport of drugs across the border. Humor "below the belt" and fine English jokes create an atmosphere. Dance Jennifer aniston who plays a stripper, will be long remembered by the audience.

"Home alone"

Remember your childhood and have a good laugh possible with this old film. Little Makkala Culkin will be able to create the right atmosphere for a party in the 90s. This film is worth seeing in the company of friends. Watch the adventures of a boy who saves a house from burglars is a pleasure.