In two years the child wakes up the desire to actively learn new things, to Express themselves and to dream. Therefore parents should make every effort to maintain aspirations crumbs.

Engaging in the development of logical thinking of the baby, you can use large puzzles. They can be in the form of books, soft or hardwood. Good puzzle game to match making. For example, consisting of two parts, one of which drawn the image of the whole object (tree) and its parts (leaves). Encourage your child to select a patch corresponding in shape to the holes in the form of geometric shapes. Ask the child to find certain animals on the pages of books, remembering what sounds they make.

Two years – it's time for the foundations of mathematics. For this purpose, may use different books and coloring with the image of a certain number of objects familiar to the baby. In children's stores you can find puzzles-trains with wagons attached sequentially with one, two, three, etc. animals. Consider toys, the items on the table, clothes and everything that falls under the arm.

Actively develop speech and vocabulary of the baby. Name the new word, preferably with a visual reference to an object or action that it represents, and after a while ask them to repeat. Can start learning English with the names of flowers and toys, ask to find objects called in a foreign language. Learn letters with colorful alphabet books, cards, figures, dice.

Introduce the child with the surrounding world. At home you can use a children's encyclopedia, card. By studying animals, give the child the maximum amount of information: where he lives, what color fur or feathers, flies/walks/crawls, what it eats, utters what sounds etc. Ask questions and ask to tell in detail about all of this. Playing with dolls and soft toys, let the child point to them, all known body parts and then show them myself.

Develop your child's independence during the camp for a walk. Do the cardboard holes, and teach your child to lace. Do all kinds of appliques and crafts made from natural materials, or colourful beads and paper.

Summing up, it can be noted that child development should be comprehensive and include praise for successful task performance, because at this age, it awakens a feeling of self. It is important that the baby feel loved, know that he will succeed, and the mother will always be there.