In order to get to the Internet, you need to go to your browser, type the address of a particular website or find it through a search engine. But in the Internet there are a huge number of sites that are not indexed by search engines, are not familiar domains and names are not loaded via the normal browser. They all belong to the so-called deep web.

What it is

Deep Internet is the same worldwide network, and it exists under the same laws, but without the usual censorship and tracking on the part of users, from governments and security services. The Internet is believed that this deep web contains much more information and sites than usual. So, according to rough estimates, the conventional Internet does not contain more than 2000 terabytes of information, whereas deep web can contain about 100,000 TB. Advantages of the deep web is its openness to those who know how to look for free of charge and anonymity of all users. The negative side is that without knowledge of where to look for the sites of the deep web, almost impossible to find them.

Find websites of the deep web by using the TOR network and special browser TorBrowser. With familiar for all browsers load the websites with the domain .onion - that is, all sites deep web - will not work. All network connections are anonymous, and the traffic goes over an encrypted channel, although it does not guarantee a lack of interceptions.

Wrong side of the Internet

Deep the Internet is like inside the real world. It is a wiki, search resources, postal services, the classification of sites. The sites here are also different. Deep the Internet is considered to be a haven for hackers, criminals and intelligence agencies that hunt them, and therefore say that this place is dangerous. There is almost freely employ people, sell drugs, weapons, plan crimes, communication of restricted Internet topics. An untrained person can really affect the whole contingent of such resources and they discussed the topic.

But at the same time deep Internet is used just for anonymous communication without censorship and tracking. Here you can often find journalists who do not want to disclose their sources of information and informants, and therefore communicate with such people anonymous. Do the same thing and some law enforcement service. In Western countries, and in Russia not all users agree with the rigid framework of cooperation, violation of freedom of speech, so, on what topics can and cannot speak to users. In conditions when many governments stronger tightening the noose on rights and freedoms of its population, people are looking for a way out. And find deep web.