The Internet is a gigantic information system, dominating the whole world. Despite the fact that she was born relatively recently, in 1973, today it is difficult to imagine a life without network. Thanks to the creation of the Internet, everyone with a computer can join a great and almost inexhaustible mine of information, to find the answer to any question, make friends and even earn.

The Internet has ensnared the planet like a spider web, and this term gave the name to the official Internet World Wide Web (world wide web). The first letters of these words precede the email addresses that users typed in their browsers. By the way, browser some people mistakenly call the Internet, but it's just a program that makes complicated information structure of a network accessible to human perception.

The Internet is a collection of computer networks that have a single address space. Information is stored on special computers – servers, they also provide personal computers to access the Internet. Servers are for different purposes: web server, mail, FTP, file sharing, chats and broadcast systems (radio, television).

Every computer has in the network a unique identification number (IP), each site – the address. Computers connect to the network via different channels: telephone cable, satellite connection, etc connection to the Internet provides the provider with which the user concludes the agreement.

Despite the difference in methods of connection, technology connection, one is a family of protocols TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol). A Protocol is a rule by which the computer communicates with the server. In the family of protocols, the most popular is the HTTP Protocol, which is responsible for working with text. Every page on the Internet contains text, so HTTP is used when working with any website. Equally important are the protocols POP and SMTP, is responsible for receiving and sending email messages and FTP for sending and receiving files.

The most important criterion of the Internet for any user is the speed of information transfer. Technical progress should be leaps and bounds, and every day networking is becoming more affordable. The number of sites is growing exponentially, there are more possibilities for the implementation of almost all human activities.

The Internet is communication, entertainment, education, trade and earnings. The communication network allows to contact anyone at any point of the globe. A huge range of entertainment will keep you entertained: movies, music, photos and personal video, which you can pass on to acquaintances and friends or post on your website.

Many institutions opened for their students with new horizons through online training. Modern technologies allow to study those who physically or for other reasons cannot be present in the classroom. And if at the beginning of the emergence of distance education it is not all to be taken seriously, but now it is officially the current system of training new personnel, giving professional knowledge.

Online shopping carry on their trade in collaboration with electronic payment systems and succeed, because of opportunities for advertising on the network much more. Technical means allow us to make a reservation at any time of the day or night, without leaving home, to your purchase.

Earnings in a network is gaining momentum, expanding opportunities every day. Freelancers working around the clock and at any time a potential customer can receive the work done without delays and problems. There are no working hours and lunch breaks.