Internet polls. Many firms in the marketing surveys conducted among potential users of different surveys to collect data to improve product quality, develop effective advertising, etc. to Find such tests and surveys on the special sites where you will be asked to register. Then, as the appearance of the tests you will be sent invitations to participate via e-mail. Earn big money on online surveys will not succeed. For completing one test, you can pay a few rubles and above. That is, if you participate in surveys from Russian firms. If you know a foreign language, can try to participate in the survey of foreign firms. The payment is higher, but to participate more difficult as a large foreign company serious approach to the selection of respondents.
A great source of income may be web graffiti). The essence of this lesson is that you need to write texts for different websites. If you are literate, can understand and be able to present your thoughts, you can try yourself in this matter. To write about anything, but it is better to give preference to subjects in which you are familiar, for example, in psychology or repair machines. You can write articles on sale and post them on the stock exchanges of copywriting, as you can search for clients and work under the order. At the initial stage earn big money you will not succeed. But if you constantly improve yourself, take advice and tips from more experienced and successful copywriters and web writers, read relevant literature etc., then gradually your income will grow. And, in the end, it may become your main source of income.
Another way of earning online is web mastering. You can become a web programmer or web designer. But to create high quality websites without any basic knowledge it is impossible. So, if you are interested in this activity, you will first need to spend time on acquiring new knowledge and skills. To obtain this knowledge independently. On the Internet a huge amount of information about where we should start, what knowledge is needed for web programming. You can purchase textbooks, and, perhaps, in your environment there are people who do this and who can give you some knowledge in this area. But the path of self-knowledge is long and difficult. So you can go on special courses that will help you to learn a new profession. But to choose courses carefully. If you are confident that in a couple of months of you will make professional web mastering, then you should be alerted. Should not be conducted at too low a price. Good courses can not be cheap.