Materials for sewing a doll

The doll Tilda Ballerina silhouette like the other dolls Tony Finnanger, so in principle you can use any suitable pattern, but it has its own peculiarities. The figure of a ballerina, slender, the silhouette is light and airy, so it is better to do your own pattern. Moreover, it is very simple. It is sufficient to enlarge the picture and print it on the printer.

In addition to the paper patterns you will need:
- cotton fabric bodily or beige for the manufacture of the body
- sheer;
- fabric for the bodice;
- thin satin ribbon;
- lace;
- scissors;
- threads;
- needle;
- sintepon;
- sewing machine;
- acrylic paint for textiles;
- blush.

The technology of manufacturing Tilda Ballerina

Cutting the cloth. Fold the material inside out, attach the pattern to the body of the doll, circle them with a pencil and cut out, leaving a 0.5 cm allowances in all slices. The details of the front and back of the torso of the doll will have plenty of decorative fabrics for the dress of a ballerina.

On the front part of the torso on the top slice, lay 2 small inverted pleats. Align this part with the bottom cut parts for the head and sew on the sewing machine, carefully spreading the folds. Sew the detail back to the head, combining slices.

Connect produced parts for the body of a ballerina and sew them on the sewing machine, leaving the bottom unsewn side and shoulders.

Remove the detail on the front side and is pretty tight stuff them with batting. Details of the hands and feet of a ballerina fold inside out and sew. Turn them on the front side and lightly tamp the filler.

Insert parts into the holes left unsewn, on the body of the doll. Allowances fold to the inside and sew, connecting the details of the torso and arms, torso and legs a seam "forward a needle". Mark the middle of the hands and make this place a couple of stitches to make a space fold. Likewise, make space bend the legs at the knees.

Sew the tutu. From tulle take a few laps with a diameter of 10 cm (the more quantity, the more magnificent the get the skirt). Fold the circles in 4 times and cut an arc with a diameter of 0.5 cm fold blanks for the packs together and sew small basting stitches along the belt line. Put skirt on doll and sew it to the waist line of the seam by hand. Decorate the seam with satin ribbon.

Make Pointe shoes. On the legs , draw ballerina shoes to match the dress. Sew a piece of thin satin ribbon. Tie her leg criss-cross and tie a beautiful bow.

Draw a face and make a hair doll. Draw lines smooth hair, like a real ballerina, paint all acrylic paint black or brown. Draw 2 point, simulating the eye. Blush color round cheeks. Decorate hairdo Tilda Ballerina with artificial flowers and lace to match the dress.