Course of action if the firebox is:

Download wood in the stove, open the stove damper. Open the door completely blew (only at the time of ignition) and light the wood oven. Firewood for kindling must be completely dry and split logs, having approximately the same thickness (7 to 10 cm). Stacking firewood produce evenly, in rows. This will facilitate uniform burning.
After the first pieces of firewood burnt to the status of large coals (after 30-40 minutes), fully close the ash pit door of the furnace and quickly upload new logs. Close the furnace door and slightly open the ash pit. The furnace door in the time span between the sections of wood do not open - this will help keep the heat of the furnace.
Adjust the combustion process with podduvalom and throttle. Get a calm burning without the drone. The flame should have a light yellow color. If it is bright white, then the furnace supplied with excess air. Cover the blow hole. If the flame in a dark wash - oxygen for combustion is not enough. The door blew open.
To oven retains heat longer, adjust the closing of the damper tube. At full throttle the heat is literally "going to hell". If the valve is to close – will not be thrust, and the smoke will go into the house.
After the last pieces of firewood burnt, rake the coals on the grill grate. So they will quickly be out of business. After burned all the coals (they darken, and over them have no blue lights), close the choke tubes. This is done in order to avoid leakage of heat into the open pipe. If the time in the oven there are still one or two not burned until the end of embers, just pull them on and extinguish. If grates are not covered with wood, through which will penetrate into the furnace cold air that will lead to its rapid cooling.