You will need
  • computer connected to the Internet, hosting, browser, Total Commander
The control panel of most hosting accounts include a file Manager, which allows you to upload files to the hosting directly from the page in the browser. To do this, select in the main window hosting control panel 'File Manager' and click on the link. You will see a window that displays your directory on the hosting. Go to folder public_html and click on the button "Download". On the screen appear a window for selecting the file to upload from your computer. Select the file you want to upload to the hosting, and then click "Upload". This way you can without running additional software to upload multiple files, but for rare exceptions, file managers hosters don't support uploading of directories. To download number of files, which number in the hundreds, this method is very inconvenient and time consuming.
You can get out of the situation, pre-placing of a directory or large number of files in the archives. Most hosters support packing and unpacking of archives in the most popular formats such as: tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, zip and rar. To do this, create on your computer the files in one of these formats and upload it to the correct directory on the host as a single file. In the file Manager of the hosting select the downloaded file by clicking next to its name check in the check box and click on the link "Unzip". The screen will appear a window where you select what folder on the host to unpack the archive and click OK. This way you can fill in the hosting Packed engine of the entire site and clicking "Unzip", deploy it on hosting.
To easily fill a large number of files, you need to use FTP access. To connect to FTP server web hosting with the help of special programs - FTP client or by simply using the distributed file Manager - Total Commander. With it, you will be able to fill a large number of files on the host without archiving. Saving connection settings for FTP, you don't need to go into control panel hosting every time you want to send new files.
To connect to the FTP server hosting, run Total Commander. Click in main menu "FTP" and click "Connect to the FTP server". On the screen a window which displays a list of all available connections via FTP. Click the "Add" button and in the appeared window enter a connection name that will appear in the connection list, then in the appropriate fields of the FTP server address, username and password to connect via FTP. If your hosting provider requires you to use passive mode to exchange via FTP, select the corresponding check box. Press the OK button. Double-click on the created connection in the list.
After connecting in one of the Windows Total Commander will open the contents of your directory on the hosting. To fill the files, simply copy them into this window, as well as for simple copying of files on the computer. Copying files from a Windows FTP connection, you can download files from the host back to the computer. Similar to conventional operations in Total Commander you can rename, delete, and edit files located on the hosting.