How to perform sound sex

For people living in an apartment building, the neighbors on the floor can deliver a large amount of hassle, especially for young families who love to throw parties. In most cases, the manufacture of additional screed, the so-called "floating floor" would be enough.

This concrete slab should be laid in the "bath" for the production which you will need sound-absorbing plates. Then they should stick a special film and fill with cement mortar.

In some cases, to produce this tie is impossible, however this does not mean that to install soundproofing is impossible. Here, you'll need an elastic strip of small thickness or lags. To reduce impact noise under logs should be stacked gaskets and sound-absorbing materials will be used as the filling of internal space.

How to increase the sound insulation of walls

For soundproofing walls are mainly used in two ways. The first is a frame technology from aluminum profile to house mineral wool. But for fans of loud music aluminium profile does not fit - will be a strong vibration. In this case, for the frame it is better to use a wooden beam.

The second method of soundproofing walls - frameless system. The material in this case are sandwich panels, the manufacture of which used the leaves of the gypsum-fiber Board and multi-layer sound-absorbing material. For their fastening will need the anti-vibration nodes which are in no way in contact with the ends of the panels at the joints with walls and floors, what allows to avoid vibrations.