How to create a comfortable environment for roses

After freezing to -8ºc with plants is changing: they are actively getting rid of excess moisture, and carbohydrates are converted into fat and sugar. All this protects the plants from freezing.

For roses, it is important that during this period involved their mechanism of protection before the bushes are covered for the winter. The condition of the plants largely depends on the frequency of cutting of the shoots in summer. Repeated cutting weakens the rose. It is important that plants are protected from drafts, as these bushes it will be difficult to move the winter, because when inadequate growing conditions carbohydrates accumulate in them longer than usual.

When deceptive the weather is warm with occasional severe frosts after the flowers begin to grow and can spend all the carbs, and when you re cold is little chance that they will survive. Therefore the roses need to conduct a series of small procedures in preparation for winter cold, but in any case not to leave the house, otherwise they will bloom throughout the year, and this can lead to plant death. Hibernation roses are simply necessary.

How to make pruning shrubs

There are flowers that need to be trimmed in front of the shelter, and there are the types, who can well survive the winter. For example, a green rose and its hybrids do not need fall pruning.

Shrub roses and roses with large buds should be shortened to 1/3 grown shoots over the summer period. Climbing roses with small buds only require pinching points of growth in the first ten days of September and the pruning they do not need.

The sort of "Floribunda", the hybrid tea and the polyanthus types need to be shortened 2 times.

"Eyes" (growth buds) roses are located in the leaf axils. They can be seen after the Bush defoliation. Pruning should be done as close as possible to growth the kidneys. When pruning the Bush, you must only use sharp tools as blunt knife or secateurs, you can easily damage the plant.

Pick off the leaves from the bushes in front of the shelter should, if it hasn't been done before. Thanks to the Bush to breathe and give off moisture.

Cut sheets must be removed and burned to prevent them from rotting and developing fungal disease on the stems of the Bush. For additional protection it is recommended to treat the bushes Bordeaux liquid with a solution of 3%.

It is best to remove the sprigs before wrap roses that seem painful and strong to protect the whole shrub from possible contamination, for example, a mold. In addition, removal of excess shoots will be a stimulation for further active growth of the plant.