You will need
  • sharp secateurs or a knife;
  • - water, a mixture of sand and peat or a special store-bought soil for the propagation of roses).
Review the characteristics of the class-room rose from varietal differences may depend on the depth and frequency of domesticated crop plants. For example, rose Bengal only pinch out the small shoots without flowers and hybrid-tea – make pruning to 3-4 buds. The main principle of pruning roses is that if they are bad bushes to form a long single shoots, it is necessary to do a regular pinching of the tops for the development of lateral branches. The Bush is formed on the taste of the grower.
Select the appropriate time for pruning roses home. It is believed that best results are obtained by processing plants at the end of March-beginning of April, when they wintered safely, but do not yet have full-blown kidneys. Timely cutting speeds up flowering shoots of rose-bushes.
Pruning roses should be done only with a sharp knife to slice in any case was not torn or the plant may die. In addition, the cut stems of roses need at a slight incline and half a centimeter above the kidneys. Should be avoided water runoff when watering is done with an incision so oblique line should be directed only towards the eye!
Start the rose Bush with his thinning. Remove old, damaged and frostbitten twigs; weak plant shoots will only cut on one eye. For bushy, healthy rose to be cut out all weak shoots growing inside the shrub; if the escape is no apical Bud, or it's too twisted, it is also necessary to clean.
Proceed to the main room of pruning roses. Here you need to pay attention to the following points:
• if the rose Bush large flowers, leave on each shoot 3 to 6 of the kidneys; however, the strong branches are cut only slightly, and the weak do shorter;
• When rose is poorly flowering to rejuvenate it is also necessary with the help of deep pruning; remove all old and diseased wood;
• If you grow a single plant, then limit, pinched tops. In this case, you need only remove the weakest shoots, a healthy crop is moderate.
When your home rose Bud, cut off the faded flowers so they do not burden the branch - then a well-groomed plant will quickly reveal the buds next time.