Before you can calculate weight by height, you need to find out what is the norm and so if you need to follow strict reference proportion.

What is considered the norm

In the era of Marilyn Monroe in fashion was a low fat girl. The legendary actress, who died young, was only 162 cm and weight of her lifetime ranged from 56-66 lbs. That is a perfect combination of weight and growth were calculated according to the formula growth the minus 100=the reference weight.

Besides, during the time Monroe was considered attractive, if the waist is 2/3 of the settings of the chest and hips. Volume Marilyn was 96-60-96 that a few went beyond the standard, but it was her highlight.

Today, the ideals have shifted from crotalidae sexy women to the girl with a boyish figure. For example, extremely popular, both for men and women Angelina Jolie weighs 56 kg height 173 cm. What is the ideal weight for young girls is calculated by subtracting 120 units from that of weight. In addition, the parameters are Angie 92-72-92. It turns out, the waist is ¾ of the volume of the chest and hips.

Examples are the standard for his era. And the average formula for the average women under 30 years of age, not Actresses or models – the growth of minus 110=ideal weight.

To calculate the weight growth

Formula ideal weight calculated by the Belgian mathematician Adolphe Quetelet, or as it is called in the French manner, Ketele. The result of the formula is the body mass index.

A normal index is the index of 18.5 to 25 units. The body mass index of 25 to 30 indicates overweight, 30-35 – about the first degree of obesity, 35-40 is about the second. If the figure is 16.5-18 units is a distinct lack of body weight for adult girls at any height. If the index below 16 is a degeneration.

To calculate the body mass index must first be squared height in meters, for example, 1,7h1,7. Then divide the resulting weight in kilograms. The final figure will be the body mass index.

Determine the weight by volume

You can calculate weight by height, but it is better to correlate this index with the parameters of the figure. It is necessary to measure waist circumference, thighs, one of the biceps and thighs.

Then you need to divide the waist on the hips. For example, 70:90=0,78. This is a good indicator, and the maximum difference in the circumference of waist and hip should not exceed 0,85.

Also the waist circumference you need to divide by the circumference of the thighs and biceps. The maximum rate of the T:L=1.5, and T:B=1,24.