You will need
  • The tape, calculator, paper, pencil.
Accurately measure your growth. To do this, stand with your back to the wall, straighten up. Heel and the blade must be pressed against the wall. Do not ride up and keep your head up. Putting on her level (for example, a book), lock it. Check. Remember that your growth can in the evening to decrease by 1 cm
In the formula of Brock Bruksta M=R-100(P-100)/10, where M is a perfect weightand R – value growth in cm, substitute the value of its growth in see
Example: if your height is 160 cm, then the formula will look like this M=160-100-(160-100)/10=54 kg
Enter this calculation adjusted for growth. So for ladies up to 155 cm from the value of R in the formula should be subtracted from 100 and 95. The formula will look like this:
For women growth of 155cm-165cm, subtract from the R value of 100 and the basic formula does not change:
For women with the growth of 165-175 cm, from R subtract 105. The formula is the following:
But if your height more than 175 cm, then subtract from R will be set to 110. Calculation guide according to the formula:
You can more accurately calculate the value of the ideal weightconsidering your body type. If you are the owner of asthenic (thin-boned) body type may received value is reduced by 10%. When giperstenicheskom (big-boned) body type need to the value of ideal weightand add 10%.