Knowledge of English language of different people will vary. So, native speakers do it to perfection, foreigners, language learners sufficient time, we can freely speak in it everyday topics, and those who just started learning or have learned English for a very long time, knows the language at the primary level. To understand how people speak the language is not so simple. For that on the Internet there are numerous tests, they really help to define language proficiency. But check they are mainly vocabulary and grammar of the learner, but knowledge of the language is not only vocabulary and ability to understand the rules. Therefore, in foreign language courses offer not only a written test, but a little talk with each potential student in a foreign language, they ask him different questions and offer to speak. Only after the student demonstrated their knowledge in oral and written speech, grammar and vocabulary, you can declare the language proficiency.

What levels of proficiency are there?

Intermediate is the average level of English proficiency. All of these levels 6 or 7, depending on the different approaches to determining the level of language competence: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced, Proficiency. Sometimes foreign language courses, some of these levels is divided into sub-levels to more accurately determine which group to enroll a student.

What you need to know at Intermediate level?

At the Intermediate level the student is expected to he knows basic tenses in the English language, knows how to use them in written and oral speech. The volume of his vocabulary is about 3-5 thousand words, allowing the student well enough to talk on everyday topics, to understand the English language, to compose written texts of normal complexity. However, this student may make mistakes in speech, avoid speaking too fluently, a little stumble or a long time to find the words. He understands fairly complex texts - stories, novels, written literary language, popular science articles, can read the news, but not always well perceives them aurally. People with Intermediate level are unlikely to be able enough to correctly keep the conversation on specific and complex topics, he does not speak business language, if not specifically studied words and expressions with certain characteristics.

In General, the Intermediate level is a pretty good level of knowledge of the English language. It can fall and those who have spoken confidently enough, but to read books in English, and those who are well, but not very well versed in the written language features. This level is sufficient for admission to work with mandatory knowledge of the English language. This level of proficiency show a good regular high school graduates or pupils of 8-9 classes of specialized schools with profound studying of English language.