How to choose cod

Ear – a dish that's perfect for any season. It warms and nourishes in winter and in summer is cooked in the campaigns, in the country, fishing. Therefore, for cooking a delicious soup so suited cod, cheap fish of the cod family, which has an excellent flavor and is available year-round. Cod, from which you are going to cook the soup should be fresh, otherwise the dish will taste and aroma. Rich ear is obtained from the tail or head of the fish. The tail or the head should be separated and carefully washed with cold water.

The process of making soup

Before you deal directly with fish broth, it is necessary to properly prepare the vegetables. Peeled potatoes, onions and carrots chopped in cubes. If desired, the carrots can be rubbed with a coarse grater, so it will give more flavor.

Then rinsed under running cold water herbs: parsley, dill, celery. Onions and carrots are sauteed, that is lightly fried in a skillet until Golden brown in vegetable oil – olive or sunflower. It is permissible to add a seasoning such as sweet bell pepper.

Once the vegetables are ready, you can begin to prepare a fish broth. The portion of fish you are going to cook, it is recommended to slightly pepper and salt. Pan of a large volume is filled with ordinary cold water, and in it for half an hour on a slow fire cooked fish. Do not skimp on the fish, the cod should be at least two-thirds of the volume of the prepared soup, otherwise the soup is thick and rich.

Once the fish is ready, it is removed from the pans, cooled, pulverized and removed all the bones and the broth provided the rest of the ingredients: first the potatoes, which is cooked no more than fifteen minutes, then add finely chopped greens. Then put in the soup, pieces of fish and cream, and then the browned onions and carrots. Optionally, you can add a Bay leaf, but he can "score" the flavor of the soup. Broth bring to a boil and immediately remove from fire. Fragrant, rich amber ear is ready! Served with bread and mayonnaise or sour cream when serving, sprinkle with fresh herbs.

Cooked on a fire outdoors ear of cod is even more tasty and aromatic. As a final touch, many cooks add a shot of vodka. And some recommended to serve it separately. In any case, the taste of the soup it will only benefit!