The causes of male indifference

Male indifference is often due to the behavior of the girl. If she actively shows feelings and emotions, demonstrating its dependence on a relationship with a man, then he "falls asleep" the instinct of the hunter. Such a man becomes passive, he is certain to win, to fight, to do exploits, because a woman already in his power.

A man may lose interest in the woman who constantly talks about starting a family, insists on marriage. This woman scares a man, he feels the tension, because his personal freedom is threatened. As a consequence, it will exert significantly less effort in the development of relations with the girl.

Aggression, conflict, irrational jealousy can also irritate the man, beating him the desire to pursue a relationship with a girl. A man may lose interest after the constant tantrums girls for minor reasons. A woman loses in his eyes charming and attractive.

The indifference of man can step in the process a lasting relationship with a girl. From the point of view of psychology, over time, the body male hormones, which comes to his body during love, develops immunity. Therefore, his senses are dulled, the girl makes him still a storm of emotions. Man becomes passive and indifferent.

Previous negative experience also makes a man to be cautious with the choice of the companion, forcing him to take an active emotion: confess in love, to dedicate poems, to make beautiful things and otherwise. In the General case the speed of the development of emotions and reactions between the sexes vary greatly, so the man's behavior may not match the expectations of girls.

The attitude of the male indifference

To treat male indifference in each individual case should be different, depending on the cause. You need to analyze what caused this behavior of men and the change in his mood.

If the man fell for another girl, his behaviour towards former partner is apathetic. Every woman in this situation decides independently what line of conduct her to choose. Some women are beginning to hold the man, arranging a tantrum, others show indifference to what is happening.

The indifference men can be due to problems at work and other reasons unrelated to the girl. The man in this situation also seems distant and indifferent towards the woman. First, it needs to solve the current problem, because his mind is fully occupied with finding a solution.

In the example above, the lady should respond to the behavior of men with understanding. Recommended to give him time to think, without exerting pressure on it without disturbing questions. Everyone from time to time in need of privacy and seclusion. Soon the man, the movement of his condition and thinking difficulties will return to the woman previous.

In most cases, to understand the cause of the indifference helps Frank talk with the man. After analyzing the situation, the woman should choose a suitable time for a chat and to win her man.

Differences in behavior between the sexes

In most cases, a man and a woman can experience the same feelings, but their behavior will be different. The man will be able to maintain discretion and outer equanimity, but she is likely to be bright and rapidly react in this situation. In this case it will be disturbed and concerned about the external indifference of men. It is due to individual differences in behavioral characteristics between the sexes, a woman may think a man indifferent to it.

Despite the fact that the level of emotional intelligence between male and female is not that much difference, brighter women experience certain events than men. The female sex is characteristic of empathy: they can easily understand the feelings of another person, to support him and sympathize with him.

Girls are more impressionable, they openly share feelings and Express emotions, their mood is easy to read. Often the actions of women dictated by momentary emotions. They have better-developed intuition. Female sex is often said about relationships, analyzes their development, involving men in the conversation. For the female half of the characteristic anxiety and concern for minor reasons.

Men, in turn, slower to make a decision about a serious relationship and rarely act on impulse. In contrast, for the stronger sex characteristic self-control, stress tolerance, judgment.

Life situations require men of high responsibility, calmness, inner strength. Emotions and feelings interfere with a man to think logically, analyse the problem and to take adequate decisions in difficult situations. Emotional differences between the sexes are also explained by their upbringing. Most parents teach their boys to hide emotions, suppressing them crying. At the same time, girls are not allowed to show emotions, because they grow more sensitive and tender.

In General, prolonged strong emotions are stressful to the human body, causing it to work harder. Man seeks to save energy and strength for solving problems, so emotional male below the female. It is difficult to meet a man, nervous or flowing into a panic over nothing. Why women and men behave differently in relationships and react to certain situations.