Know yourself. Of course, you know yourself better than anyone. And yet in important matters of life, the person often should not for their own desires and ideas, and for the opinion of relatives or friends. Ask yourself very honestly on important issues: whether you live your life, do you love, do you communicate only with those you love? The beginning of reflection on the important questions of life will lead to ideas and solutions that will help change an imperfect hand, and give to form your point of view on the world.
Value your opinion not less than the opinion of dear to you people. When you love someone, try to listen to his position. This is the basis for harmonious relationships. But no need to put the other person's opinion above yours, allow each time to dictate their terms, subject only to its rules. Similarly, not impose their opinions and point of view to another person. There are situations that must be addressed, and the compromise which is inevitable, but in most cases you are able to take care of a firm position on a particular issue.
Give yourself time to make a decision or to develop their point of view. Even if someone's idea seems good, and the view perfect, do not rush to think and act the same. You – some unique person, so every decision and every idea should be weighed by their preferences and experience. Give yourself time to understand that, so do you think you really want.
Respect their choice. Whatever decision had to take is important to your personality development and experience. Even if I make a mistake, respect your decision, then other people will treat him with dignity.
Don't doubt yourself and the decisions taken. People see indecision and vanity in action, so respond appropriately – do not trust, afraid of your opinion or begin to give advice. Weigh all the "pros" and "cons", quietly accept the decision and begin to act without fuss and excitement. And the rest gently let them know that will not change neither the decision, nor his point of view.
How can you worry less about the criticism. Understand a simple rule: you will criticize in any situation, if you adhere to their own, not other people's opinions. But it is impossible to please everyone. Criticism is good only when it comes from someone who understands the situation or business. Then you should listen to constructive suggestions and correct errors. But all other comments best to celebrate quietly and not to pay too much attention to them.
Do your best to set boundaries for criticism and the opinions of strangers. Everything has its limits. Sometimes it is necessary to stop excessive curiosity, criticism, or trying to convince you when it goes too far. Be able to insist on the decision and to show that further arguments or entreaties are useless.
Do not engage in lengthy discussion or arguments. Stay calm in a situation when other people start to Express their dissatisfaction with your opinion. Disputes and quarrels will not lead to anything good, to reach a compromise in this condition is extremely difficult and spoil relationships for a long time you can easily. Explain that having different points of view – this is normal, and you have the same right as your correspondent.