Methods of fulfillment of desires is offered today a lot, but most of it is based on clear targeting, or feature representation, which is required. If you combine these two methods, the result will be 100%, but not all are resolved to do something for the dream.

How to test the ability of thoughts to materialize

Each person has their potential. Someone thoughts instantly become reality, someone with a delay. You just have to spend experience. Imagine an object in detail. For example, choose a beautiful candy, a token, an Apple or a feather. This thing should not meet in everyday life and often to catch the eye. Object better to choose a small size to fit in the palm of your hand.

Need free time when nobody will disturb you. Just sit with closed eyes and start to imagine the hidden thoughts. If it is an Apple, then imagine how you hold it in your hands as I look at him, see the color, feel its smell. Can even mentally to bite him, feeling in the mouth that taste. The more accurate are the images, the better. Give this process at least 10 minutes.

When a thing unknown, can only wait. Within a few days this item will be in your hands. This happens in 80% of participants of such actions. Of course, the thing may be slightly different, but often it is very similar to conceived. This experience proves that the idea can become a reality.

How to materialize the desire

Experiment with a small object is easier than a manifestation of something big and valuable. For example, you can make a car or house. But will have to spend on his vision not 10 minutes and many hours, every day to repeat these images in detail. It is important to submit not just a car or mansion, and then, as you walk on it, like driving.

It is necessary to pay attention to what you feel when you are the owner of hidden. What feelings are happening inside, what is felt outside. It is important to describe everything: touch, smell, taste, feelings and emotions. And then to repeat this image in your head every day. Not to forget, is to make a reminder: images with the desired object, bright lettering and telephone reminders.

By thought you can generate not only material objects, but also feelings, relationships, a new job. No matter what you want, what is important is to imagine that you already have and not to doubt the result. Of course, the bigger the wish, the more you will need time for implementation, but achieving the dream is worth the effort.