Inspect the vineyard. Diseased plants revealed a number of features is underdeveloped bushes with korotkolapye and dried shoots of diseased plants have spots, ovaries and berries dry, the color of the crests is changed.
If at the beginning of ripening berries of grape shrivel, crack and become covered by a grayish-white felt bloom, this means that the grapes are ill Botrytis. Sprinkle clusters of diseased plants 2% Bordeaux liquid.
Swipe spraying grapes other plants 2-3% solution of soap. The mould can pollinate the berries finely sifted wood ashes.
If the stem from the vines turn dark gray in color, begin to crumble and the berries acts as a white film, it means that the grapes affected by the fungus midu. Destroy affected plants, as they can't be cured.
The rest of the spray bushes with a solution of Bordeaux mixture, when sprayed more thoroughly treat the underside of leaves, buds and young berries. The concentration of the solution should be the following: if the disease is just beginning to develop, make 1% solution, and with strong development of mildew need 2-3% solution of Bordeaux fluid.
The appearance on the leaves and bunches of grapes ash deposits from the herring smell is a symptom of fungal zabolevaniya grapes, called oidium. In this case opalite vineyard sulfur color, grinded sulfur spray or sulfur-lime broth fortress of 0.5°. To fight against oidium of the grapes was more effective, spend pollination when the air temperature 20-25° and high humidity.