What dream diamonds? The Dream Miller

According to this dream, wear the dream in jewelry from diamonds to getting a high position in society and to satisfy his own ambitions. See the diamonds on other people – to the success of the loved ones of the dreamer. A dream in which diamonds embellished clothing, foretells good fortune and luck.

To diamonds in the inheritance means financially rich, but not to the long-awaited spiritual satisfaction in life. The woman to sleep in the diamonds for a gift is an auspicious sign that promises a successful marriage.

If the dreamer finds or acquires diamonds in the dream, the reality of it are expected by good luck in important matters and success in love. Young girl this dream foretells a series of pleasant events. If the dreamer for one other reason someone gives to diamonds, in reality he should be wary of danger.

Dream interpretation Hasse: why had the diamonds?

In the opinion of the interpreters of the dream book Hasse, diamonds in a dream portend happiness, which eventually can turn into a deception. To wear on his finger a diamond ring – to the loving recognition. Loss of diamonds in a dream promises frustration and disappointment. If you dream, like diamonds scattered, and dreamer had to collect them, his hopes were not realized.

Diamonds family dream book

According to the compilers of this dream seen in a dream a diamond is a symbol of what man tries to achieve higher goals. Sometimes, however, this gemstone can dream to change, to fake friendships, to the imaginary fortune and greed of people. So in reality it should be particularly wary of other people, not to be caught up in trouble.

Lunar dream book: diamonds

The interpreters of the dreams sure that the diamonds be removed to mutual love. If the dreamer becomes the owner of a large number of diamonds, the reality is a recognition of his merit. The loss of a diamond in a dream suggests that there awaits a great shame and a strong need.

Modern dream interpretation. To dream of diamonds

To dream of diamonds is a warning, this dream is a sign of hypocrisy, infidelity and even a health hazard. However, owning in the dream, these ornaments means to obtain respect from colleagues and loved ones. Often, such a dream promises a reality meeting with an influential person who can change for the better the financial situation of the dreamer.

If a young woman dreamed that she gave the diamonds, the reality is promises a quick, lavish wedding, and her marriage will be long and happy. If such a dream sees a female career woman, waiting for her rapid progress up the career ladder.