Various options of quick hairstyles

If you have curly medium length hair, they are beautiful to lie down. To give the hair volume, use a Hairdryer with a diffuser. First wet your hair with water and apply a mousse. Then place the strand of hair in the nozzle with finger. Turn the Hairdryer on strong power. Dry strand no more than 30-60 seconds. Treat a Hairdryer all the hair on his head. Thanks to the nozzle of your hair will resemble chemistry. To create such installation will take no more than 5 minutes.

Another quick hairstyle for straight or curly hair: the tail with the flagella. Plain ponytail looks boring, so try to vary it in every way possible. For example, back divide the hair parted in the middle. Each part of the hair to tighten the harness towards the parting. Now take the elastic and make a ponytail. So, at the base of the tail will be small curls.

Bundle - very simple and quick hairstyle. Make a ponytail on the crown of the head. Comb the hair and twist them into a bundle. Put him in a circle around the elastic. You get a lump of hair. It didn't break apart, taking it by stealth. For a more secure fit slip on cone big rubber band.

If hair length is not enough to create cones, make a ponytail. The ends of the hair curl with a Curling iron. Then fan the hair to the tail was lush and voluminous.

Greek hairstyles for medium hair

Greek hairstyles differ in refinement and attractiveness. After all, they are designed for real goddesses. In addition, some Greek styling is very practical and can be done in 5 minutes.

Comb your hair, grab the strands from the sides and fix them with rubber band on top. Leave a few front strands, may they beautifully frame the face. This hairstyle look great both on straight or wavy hair.

Many Greek hairstyles are created according to this scheme: safesite hair back, secure with Bobby pins or studs. And on the sides release the strands. For special case use barrettes and ponytail holders with crystals.

Wraps and headbands are frequent companions of the Greek hairstyles. Flowing hair just stick to the front rim or headband. Strands to look more elegant, make soft curls from the cheekbones. To create this hairstyle you will need hair rollers and locking means.

In Greek the laying of important KOs. On medium hair it will not be too long. So start doing hair style from head. Now a smooth braid is no longer popular. Do the braided French braid technique. At the base of the neck, secure the braid with a pretty hairpin and hair tip hide inside.