Full of girls trying in vain to wear jeans only in the winter. Because now there are so many models of jeans, which can be individually selected for each type of shape. The main thing is to choose their style and style.

How to choose jeans for larger women.

To make the right choice, the owner of a fuller figure you need to pay attention to jeans direct models. This is the most versatile cut that suits and girls with full figures. Jeans classic style not narrowed towards the bottom, do not change in length, so perfectly hide flaws and completeness of the figure.

Also full of girls perfect jeans narrowed to the bottom, but only on condition that such a model is made of soft fabric, not too tight, but not going on the hips with pleats.

There are a flared model. These jeans can be worn to all, but only subject to the availability of high heel. It will also help make the figure visually slimmer.

Jeans for various types of fullness to the figure.

Before you give preference to some style, you should understand that the fullness is different. Therefore, only with an individual approach to each figure you need to choose the model of denim pants.

If a girl's full hips, her preference should be given to a sailor jeans that fit at the hips and extended at the bottom. Their length should be to the floor.

If you figure "hourglass" or "pear" is necessary to choose a model that would concentrate the attention to your slender waist. For this fit jeans with a high corset fit. They can be completely straight, and slightly tapering towards the bottom.

But if you are the owner of fine ankles, and you have a high rise, the perfect option for you can be a jeans, cropped silhouette, which perfectly hides the volume of the buttocks. They should be made from soft elastic fabric with elastane content. It is through this fabric jeans correct silhouette. But jeans with pockets and decorations in the gluteal region to wear is not recommended.

To hide the tummy, can the user should choose corset jeans with a high rise.

Hide the full legs will help jeans, tight in the buttocks, but with a relaxed fit from the knees.

In fact, the fullness of the jeans is not a hindrance, the main thing to choose a good model, and some jeans on the contrary, even will help to hide the flaws your figure.