Start your pregnancy planning with a conversation about children. The time when everything is calm, nobody is in a hurry. Talk about it when he would like kids, how you overcame this issue. It is important not just to talk about their desires, and to hear the words of her husband. You may be able to come to a compromise acceptable to all parties.
Communicating, pay attention not only to the words. Sometimes the reason for the reluctance of children is to fear to have offspring, to the fear of additional liability. It is important to know whether there are emotions in your man, or something else prevents him from talking about pregnancy. Need to find out the main reasons for the reluctance, after all, a bright future, sufficient income or good housing can and will happen, so no need to wait for those stages.
Remove the fear of children in other families. Find couples who already have kids, go often to visit them. The spouse must realize that the pregnancy and birth of a son or daughter — this is happiness that makes life beautiful and not complicated. You can trust him in the stroller with the child, so he started to get used to. Sometimes my husband just does not have enough knowledge about how to educate young children. Filling these gaps, you can persuade him to consent.
Regularly tell your spouse what your life would be happier, if you have a baby. Talk about how important it is for you, as you dream to take his son or daughter in his arms. Your enthusiasm can be contagious, maybe he wants to help you agree with your desires. But it is important not to do it all too often, if we talk every day — it gets annoying. Be careful not to get carried away, but do not give up the plan.
To get pregnant by using deception, if the stop protection, but not to tell the spouse. Of course, this is not the best method, as it can guess or be very upset by such news. Usually this is used in the most extreme cases, because the outcome is unpredictable, the man can even refuse to accept this child.
In the worst case you can put a man faced with a choice: either procreation or divorce. It is made only by those women who understand that another chance to give birth they will have. After 40 years, a period when you need to use the last opportunity. And then it does not have to choose a husband or children, you should act and not wait.