Preparation for final finishing – where to start?

During the repair, as in any other endeavor, it is important to make a plan work. You need to make the layout of the room, to identify materials, finish, colors, to think and draw the location of furniture to make the layout of sockets, switches and lighting devices. This is necessary for budgeting and purchase of necessary materials for further work.


Repair begins with the tabulation of communications for the premises. In the final stages of preparation for final finishing of communication in the room should meet the following requirements:
- carried out electrical wiring to the connection points without sockets, switches and chandeliers;
- assembled all the elements of heating systems, including risers and radiators;
- the General mounted the risers with the metering of water consumption, no wiring and pipe connection plumbing;
- completely assembled exhaust ventilation;
- mounted fire alarm system, if provided by the project.

Space and surface

The room must have installed all the internal partitions provided by the project. Must be installed and glazed Windows, fitted window sills, slopes and low tides. Obligatory front door.

In preparation for final finishing, all surfaces in the room should be prepared for applying them to the finishing decorative coating. The walls should be plastered, lined. All openings and soffits should also be plastered. Preparation of walls and openings is one of the most serious stages of preparation. The prepared surface must be resistant to the effects of the components of the finish. It should be durable, should not be destroyed. The prepared surface should be uniform, without visible mounds, depressions and deviations horizontally and vertically. Floor and ceiling must also meet these requirements. The floor should be fully prepared for the laying of any floor covering without any additional levelling work, the bathroom floor, in addition to sand-cement screeds must be waterproofed.

The apartment is prepared for finishing, requires less time and cost to repair, than apartment without furnish. This apartment leaves freedom of choice of end finishes, in contrast to the apartments from the builders and is usually cheaper.