Scheduled updates

In Windows operating systems, the job is scheduled for automatic operation. This means that updates to certain programs automatically. To know how does task scheduler on your computer, you need to find it through the start menu. It is located in the folder "All programs" and in the subfolder "Office". Opening it, you will see that the update it installed at a certain time, and that time can be changed. You can also change the refresh rate. Alternative start tasks you can just turn it off.

BIOS setup

When you turn on the computer, you can see that the operating system is loaded immediately. First, the computer slows down for a while, and then illuminates a screen on the operating system. At this time the BIOS runs, the base system I / o, allowing the operating system to connect to the computer's hardware.

BIOS is the system in settings where often there is the opportunity to "Wake up" the computer at the other end of the network if it is connected to the power supply. Command remote activation may not work if the computer is connected via Ethernet or a wireless network connection.

Technology by which a computer is turned on remotely is called Wake-On-LAN. In some computers it is enabled by default. Then the computer can be switched on remotely at a specific time.

To change settings for Wake-On-LAN, you need to enter the BIOS setup. This should re-start the computer. No waiting for downloads Windows you need to press the Delete key until until you see the BIOS screen. It's a black screen with white words and figures. Then you should go to "power options" (Power Options). In the drop-down list, navigate to the line Wake On LAN and change the setting to off (Disable).

Press F10 and select "Yes" (Yes) to exit the program.

The computer thus needs to re-enter, and the problem should be solved.

Alternative in the BIOS go into the "Control power" (Power Management) and select "Enable signal" (Wake on Alarm). It can be configured on a daily inclusion. Unplug it.

Other reason alone turning on the computer

In some cases, the computer may independently be included because of problems with shutdown. They can occur due to incompatible computer hardware, conflicting programs, corrupted drivers. As a result, after disabling the system turns back on automatically.

To avoid this, disable the close command on error in the system". To do this, click the right mouse button on the icon "Computer," go to line "Properties". Select the tab "advanced system settings". In the Advanced tab, locate the option "startup and recovery" and configure it. To do this, untick the "automatically restart".