Click "start" to bring up the main menu system and navigate to "All programs" to run the undo shutdown of the computer.
Point to "accessories" and then click "Command prompt".
Enter the value shutdown /? and press Enter to confirm the command.
Read the parameters of the utility shutdown, the main ones are:- s - shutdown the computer;
- t - time after which the computer will be shut down in seconds;
- a - cancel shutdown.
Use shutdown-a to cancel the shut down of the computer or use the command shutdown-s-t7200 to complete the work in two hours.
Return to the main menu "start" to perform the alternative cancel the shut down the computer and go to "Run" to use the command line tool.
Enter the value for the shutdown-a in the Open box and click OK to confirm the selected command.
Pay attention to the fact that the last entered commands are stored in the memory of the computer, i.e. the further use of the selected command is sufficient to enter the first letter of the command, and then simply specify it in the service menu of the app.
Use the value command -l to log off the current user, and the presence of-m option in the command makes it a priority and allows log on remote computer.
Use the command -f to force close the running applications and the value of the-r option to reboot the computer.
Use the value parameter for the message displayed in the application window shutdown.