How to choose meat

Very rare in the home to properly cook steak, so the meat turned out juicy and flavorful. The reason for the failure lies primarily in properly selected meat.

First of all, fry chops for pork to be fresh product. Frozen pieces to use for cooking chops not worth it, because after thawing, meat loses a significant part of the liquid becomes overly dry and loose.

If nothing but frozen meat is not at hand, it is recommended to thaw gradually, first in the fridge, then at room temperature. The unfreezing process will take about a day.

It is best to take for the chops pieces of meat with fat layers, which give the finished dish an unusual tenderness and juiciness. However, you should not buy too fat meat, it is necessary to observe a measure.

To determine the freshness of meat can be light pink color of the pulp of pork and white fat. If you press a piece with your finger, the meat will be a trail that disappears before our eyes. In addition, the fresh meat does not stick to hands. It is not necessary to buy beef is dark red in color, it is likely the meat of old animal, which during frying will be very hard.

How to prepare meat for roasting

Selected meat is cut into pieces across the grain and thoroughly to discourage. It is advisable to marinate the meat before cooking. Every family uses its own marinade recipe, which you think is best.

You can use the most fast and simple recipe. Repulsed a piece of meat rubbed with garlic, pepper and pour vegetable oil, and add 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Marinate the meat at least an hour. Then the marinade is drained and dried the chops with the help of table napkins.

Salting the meat before frying should not be, as this will cause premature allocation of meat juice. In the result, the chops will be dry.

How to fry steak

Fry the chops in the pan should be well heated vegetable oil. During the roasting pieces turn only when one side is almost completely done. Unlike veal and beef pork chops don't cook with blood. Each side of a large steak fry for 5-7 minutes.

Best for frying fit fryer with non-stick coating. In this case vegetable oil for cooking use is not necessary. Salt chops need about a minute before end of cooking.