You will need
    • pork;
    • salt;
    • spices for pork or black pepper;
    • flour;
    • eggs;
    • special hammer for pounding meat;
    • sunflower oil;
    • pan.
Take pork meat without bones. It is best to prepare chops fit the loin or tenderloin. The meat in one piece, rinse in cold water. Washed a piece of meat dry.
Cut the meat into pieces with a width of about 1 cm to pork chops well-done, turned out soft and easy to chew, slice the meat must across the grain.
Special hammer (it can be wood or metal) well repel the pieces of meat with two sides. This must be done carefully to avoid injury and to avoid spray in all directions.
RUB chopped meat on both sides with salt, spices for pork or ground black pepper. Be careful, many condiments, salt is already included. Not perezalit chops!
On a wide flat plate pour the flour. In a deep dish whisk the eggs until a homogeneous mass.
In a pan heat sunflower oil.
Roll chops in flour, then in beaten egg, then again in flour. Pork chops should be covered on all sides with flour and egg.
Place the prepared steak on the pan and fry on low heat. Fry chops until Golden brown on one side, turn it over to the other side and cook until done. To serve you pork chops with any side dish. Bon appetit!