Advice 1: How many dried figs you can eat in a day

Dried figs contains in its composition valuable vitamin complex, each component of which exceeds the contents of the fresh fruit on average 3-5 times. For this reason, nutritionists recommend to eat per day for more than 10 fruits. For health purposes it is enough 2-3 pieces.
How many dried figs you can eat in a day
Fig is a Mediterranean fruit that is considered exotic in the Russian latitudes. It grows on a deciduous tree that is known under names such as Fig, Fig tree, Fig tree. As in the former Soviet Union these fruits ripen only on the territory of Georgia and Azerbaijan, the residents of other regions have to contend with figs only in dried form. This fact does not affect the vitamin composition. On the contrary, dried figs is a kind of concentrate of nutrients and the concentrated product is known to need much less.

Use dried figs

Figs don't last very long, so it is often sold in dried, cured, or canned form. But this in no way should embarrass all those wishing to improve their health with the help of figs. The amount of protein in dried fruit increases 6 times, the fiber – 7, potassium and iron – 3, mg – 4, calcium 5 and sodium 10. The only trace element whose content is reduced is phosphorus.

When you use dried figs you need to consider that along with the increase in vitamin content increases and the sugar content and calorie content. So, fresh figs sugar is in the range of 15-23 grams. 100 gr. product, and dried already 40-70. Caloric content of fresh Fig does not exceed 74 kcal (100 g.), and dried them already 257. Therefore, the use of figs should not be uncontrolled, although the fruit is so useful that it is easier to name the area where he was not needed.

Optimal daily consumption of dried figs

Not asking the purpose of getting rid of some specific diseases, nutritionists recommend not to exceed the daily rate of dried figs 5-10 pieces. If you eat it on an empty stomach, it will have a beneficial impact on the digestive system, relieving constipation. In the evening you can pre-pour the dried fruit to soften with warm water, but this is optional.

Only 2-3 figs per day provide the full daily requirements of the organism trace elements (except phosphorus!). Their use during the month will solve the problem of anemia. The same amount, filled a glass of boiling water and eaten together with the liquid is able to restore potency in men. Invaluable'll have 2-3 dry of the fetus, if a pregnant woman is too quickly gaining weight. Although figs are high in calories instead of other sweets, you can achieve weight loss due to quick saturation. However, to arrange the diet, only on the figs, unwise.

The decoction of 3-5 fruit necessary causes sweating for colds, reduces inflammation in sore throat, stomatitis, cope with the inflammation of the organs of the upper respiratory tract. High potassium a good effect on the cardiovascular system. The taboo on the use of figs applies only to people suffering from diabetes. I must say that in nature everything is in harmony, and with the high nutritional value of figs, it was too sweet even at all desire will not manage to eat much.

Advice 2 : How to eat figs

The sweet autumn berries – figs – contains many useful mineral substances: salts of potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, phosphorus. In figs contain fats, proteins, organic acids, sugar. This berry is often used in folk medicine in the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system and for thrombosis.

It is believed that figs improves digestion. It is used as a diuretic and diaphoretic. From the fruit, make a decoction with milk that we drink, and swelling of the vocal cords and dry cough.


This berry is not recommended for persons suffering from diabetes, gout, as well as those who are prone to obesity. Figs are contraindicated as colitis, acute gastritis and other inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Where to use figs

Figs can be eaten fresh or dried. They make jam, jam, candy, cooked compotes. Also from figs cooked wine. Recently, the popularity of this drink, like vodka on the figs. Some varieties used for making vinegar.

Figs is often consumed in dried form. The fruits are dried in the sun or exposed to artificial drying. Then they are used for cooking various dishes and products, for example, flour, which is added to the cake and cake. However, overuse of dried figs is not necessary, as it has a high calorie content.

How to eat figs

It is best to eat fresh fruit straight from the tree. Of course, not all right eating figs, because they have no such opportunity. The inhabitants of the middle band must be content with the fruits purchased in the supermarket. Buying fresh figs, keep in mind that you will only get a superficial understanding of the taste of this fruit. The fact that ripe fruits are not suitable for transport because of its remoortel texture and thin skin. Therefore, the figs intended for sale, tear from the tree unripe. Before eating this fruit is to hold in the sun a few hours. If you purchased a hard unripe figs, it can be baked or boiled.

Of course, dried fruits do not need such careful handling. They brought from Mediterranean countries, where is used for drying a second crop of figs.

Fresh fruit can be eaten without processing, watering liqueur or sour cream and sprinkled with nuts. Experienced cooks who are eating figs, I share a secret: this fruit is a wonderful side dish to ham.

Figs in dried form can be eaten whole or cut into small pieces. It is often added to pastries and fruit salads, and other dried fruits.

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