How to determine the readiness of garlic to harvest?

The answer to this question gives the plant itself, or rather its appearance. You first need to examine the leaves. They have ripened garlic are well yellowed and pripadanii, the stem of the neck at the junction with the soil becomes less elastic and slightly softened. You can verify, get dressed, do the bulbs in their characteristic scales, and how do you feel the roots. If some of the roots become slightly gray in color, and not look all juicy and whitish, it means - it's time. Typically, many gardeners use this simple technique. They leave a few plants benchmark with garlic arrows. When the arrow will strictly vertical position (at attention), and on its summit the peel from inflorescences - korobochke with bulbectomy begins to crack, then it's time to begin the harvest.

When to start farming garlic?

Cleaning garlic is usually carried out in a good Sunny day in the morning or the afternoon. In the middle of the Russian winter garlic is ready for harvesting in late July, although the weather can make their adjustments.

How to dig up the garlic?

Plants break shovel (fork) by lifting a layer of soil, in which there is garlic roots. Pull the garlic from the garden should not be. Hand gently shake the ground with the roots, taking care not to damage the bulbs. Then neatly stacked in rows, and, each subsequent row covering the bulbs with the roots of the previous row from sunburn, leave in the garden to dry out from several days to weeks. Then the plants are transferred in a dry ventilated room, for example,in the attic or veranda, where they are dried about a month. At this time all the nutrients from the leaves and stems go into the bulb.

When and how to cut the leaves of garlic intended for storage?

After drying in the sun by the garlic plant shears cut the leaves with the stem, leaving a stump of a trunk from 3 to 7 at the same time cut the dried roots. Garlic is ready for storage.