First of all, you must prepare the blueberries. For this you need to sort through the berries, throwing leaves, twigs, wrinkled and spoiled berries. Next, the blueberries must be washed under running water and then Pat dry – spread out on absorbent towel. Clean and dry the blueberries, you can freeze, dry, preserve.

For drying berries will need a baking sheet, parchment or foil. Berries are arranged in a single layer, covered with gauze and exposed to the sun. Several times a day is necessary to turn the berries.

To dry you can with the help of special dryers for fruits and vegetables. When the dryer is used first and then the temperature is 40 degrees, then rises to 70.

Blueberries can be frozen. To do this, the berries are laid out on cardboard or a baking sheet placed in the freezer. For convenience, on a baking sheet you can lay the paper or package. Periodically "shake" the berries – so it is not formed lumps. Frozen blueberries Packed in plastic bags.

You can cook the blueberries in their own juice. It is necessary to take a large metal basin filled with water, put it in sterilized jars. To the banks to cover the blueberries, adding 1 tbsp. a spoonful of sugar, close lid. Further, the basin with the banks is put on a small fire. After a while the berries will start to settle. In each jar you want to add to the blueberries until the berries will not cease to settle, and blueberry juice will not fill the entire capacity. In the end banks need to roll sterilized metal lids, jars flip, wrap and leave for a day. Later harvesting can be stored in a cool dark place in the cellar.