Books that will help to tame man

In the woody Allen film "Celebrity" the heroine is left by her husband and meets a new love, to avoid past mistakes, goes for advice to "the girlfriend experience". However, in real life this bold step, dare not every. Meanwhile, they call themselves "dirty women", really well-studied male psychology. One of them is an Englishwoman with a French pseudonym Belle de Jour decided to share my knowledge with women around the world. In the UK, her book was read on the subway, pre-wrapped in newspaper, even the most well-bred ladies. In his "Guide to men Belle highlights the existing types of men, tells how to communicate with each of them and what they expect from women. In addition, the book will help the woman to understand what type it belongs, and develop your strategy conquer the coveted men.

But the writer Karen Salmansohn believes that in order to solve the problems arising in relations with a man, you need to seek the advice of the trainers dogs. Her book, "How to get a man to become a man, using advice from professional dog trainers offers very effective methods of "training" men. The book will help you understand how to arouse their partner's positive emotions and to make a good relationship. After reading it, the woman learns to repress "animal instincts" of his men, to make him obey only with a look to make sure that the man would become her trusted friend.

What to read in order to understand the relationships

Often woman think that her choice is somehow weird. Either too busy, or afraid of her. She is ready to wait for hours for his call and years – offer hands and hearts. However, wait for result fail. The authors of the book "You just don't like him: the whole truth about men," Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo ready to open women's eyes to the true causes of men's actions. And let the truth will be disappointing, but it will help to get rid of psychological dependence and stop pointlessly wasting your life.

And finally, two books by Steve Harvey, which allowed him to gain the title of expert in the area of relationships: "Act like a woman, think like a man" and "You know nothing about men". The father of 4 daughters has decided to help not only them, but also many other women to understand the secrets of the male psychology and find your way to harmony in relationships. Through his books, many single women were able to find family happiness. So if in life that doesn't add up, do not despair – it is better to pick up a book that will help to understand the peculiarities of the psychology of his men.