Women trying to arouse the interest of trying to appeal to sexual instincts. Sex is not the only one, what would the representatives of the masculine. They have intellectual needs. The less communication between partners, the more superficial relationships.

Useful tips for women to comprehend the male psychology:

  1. You need to be for men little secret. A woman representing an open book, quickly get bored. True friendship and a lasting relationship based on a deep knowledge of the couple to each other. Do not try to pour on people from all parts of life. Reveal yourself slowly.
  2. Be interesting. Love should be exciting, not complicated and tedious. Liven up your relationship by trying new things. Man, seeing the adventurous side of women, will admire her thirst for life. Fill every moment of time spent with the adventure, and he's addicted to those thrills.
  3. Man does not like to be deceived. Constant deception makes people feel that they are being used. A man wants honest, open relationship. If there is a real connection in a relationship, the man will appreciate your candor and honesty.
  4. Take care of yourself. There is nothing more important and easier. Man feels desire for a woman, watching the appearance. The healthier the body of a woman, the more attractive she is to the opposite sex.
  5. Let the man choose the pace. Men don't fall in love as easily as women, but they are more worried. Allow time chosen, to know and appreciate their merits. Hastening it, there is a risk of spoiling the situation.
  6. Whenever sad, woman wants support satellite. Have you ever wondered the girl that the man would feel the same? When a man suffers, the woman feels lost and doesn't know what to do. To earn the love of a man can be, if you let him know that he was safe. Let him know that his pain is clear, take care. Without such ties, will never build a good relationship.

Apply these aspects in practice and pay attention to how people will react to the changes. Will eventually come to the understanding that it really works. And this is the key to understanding male psychology.