Primer – a substance used for processing the surface before applying any finishing coatings. In the construction of primers referred to as primer materials. They are used to prepare plaster, concrete, gypsum Board, brick, wood for painting, wallpapering, plastering.

For the construction of the right primer?

The structure of any material is that its surface always has small fissures and small particles. Priming compositions are intended to fill the pores and level the top layer. Each primer has any protective property or combination of properties. For example, there are formulations of deep penetration with water-repellent properties that improve the adhesion, give the material resistance. The first is often used for treatment of concrete, brick, wood surfaces before applying plaster or paint.

There are primers with anticorrosive properties. They are necessary for processing pipe used in the installation of communications. In the private construction of such primers for metal are used for protection of metal elements of fences and other structures.

There are primers for concrete: polymer, bitumen, polyurethane. For example, primer mixture "SS-Primer" is a primer for concrete, as it strengthens its structure and improves adhesion to the paint and plaster compounds. The bitumen protects the surface from moisture, therefore, is water-repellent primer for concrete.

Polyurethane primer is used to strengthen the surfaces with porous and weak structure. These primers are suitable for metal products, concrete, brick, ceramic, plaster. Work with these compounds is possible and at a low temperature. Primer based on polyurethane prepare the structure of materials for finishing works.

What is the primer for the makeup artist?

Makeup is also used priming materials. Their use helps to maintain the health of skin, hide its imperfections and other minor cosmetic flaws. Simply put, primer is a makeup base. This product is relatively new in the cosmetic market, but managed to win the recognition of the make-up artists and beauticians. Makeup base can be transparent or matte.

Use the primer and the nail design. It consists of methacrylic acid and has degreasing properties. In addition, this primer composition prevents peeling nails and reinforces the biological structure of the nail.