Advice 1: Makeup: concealer, bronzer, highlighter, shimmer, primer

Concealer, bronzer, highlighter, shimmer, primer... As easy to get lost in the huge Arsenal of makeup that offer cosmetic company. Why the need for all of these tools and how to use them properly?
Makeup: concealer, bronzer, highlighter, shimmer, primer
A time when girls used one concealer is long gone. Modern cosmetic brands offer many tools that are needed to create the perfect makeup.


The primer is applied to the cream and acts as a substrate under Foundation or powder. His second name – base under makeup. The main objective of the primer is to align the skin relief, to hide the pores and extend the life of Foundation cream.

Base makeup come in several colors. Transparent or white base just makes the skin smooth, preparing it for application of colors. The pink base will hide the dullness and make complexion healthy. Lilac – will mask the yellowness. Yellow hides bruises under the eyes. And the green bases make redness from the pimples less noticeable.


Foundation hides skin imperfections, smoothes the complexion. To apply, it must, moving from the center to the edges. This will help to avoid the mask effect. Concealer can be applied with fingers, brush or sponge. When applied with a sponge soaked with water, the obtained transparent coating.

Foundation is available in a neutral beige shades, and shades for yellow and pink potona skin. Choosing a cream at the store, test it on the border of the face and neck, it needs to blend in with your complexion.


The task of bronzer to give the skin a glow and a light tan. Shade should be one or two shades darker than the skin.

Bronzer is available in powder, cream and even butter. Depending on the texture it can be applied with a brush or fingers. Use bronzer need, applying it on the sides of the forehead, cheekbones, nose and chin.


Highlighter is needed to lighten some areas on the face. For example, circles under the eyes, redness on the nose, nasolabial folds. It is not greasy, unlike the corrector. Therefore, to use the highlighter on areas of skin should be very careful not to attract any more attention. Highlighter is applied on cream Foundation or powder.


Shimmer adds radiance. It is applied with a brush on the cheekbones, center of forehead and chin on top of Foundation. It can also be used, applying under the brow and in the inner corner of the eye. It comes in fluid, cream or powder. This is the final stage of toning of the skin. Choosing shimmer for every day, avoid too large sequin.

Advice 2 : How to choose an after sun cream

Summer is a time for relaxation and travel to the southern sea resorts. A nice tan is the dream of many people. However, you should not keen on sunbathing, it can lead to burns and peeling skin. After a hike on the beach it is necessary to take care with using cosmetics after sun. They will help to fix the result and soothe inflamed skin.
How to choose an after sun cream
Available a wide range of after tan, it is important to make the right choice. To start, determine your skin type and according to him pick up a cosmetic product.
Before buying, read the label. The important role played by the components included in the composition. Excellent work Mexoryl, dioxide Titania, zinc oxide, avobenzone. An additional advantage will be the moisturizer or "anti-aging" properties of the cream. Also note the date of manufacture and shelf life of the cosmetic product.
After-sun products are available in the form of a cream, lotion, spray and gel. Make sure that in its composition there are vitamins or natural supplements. For example, mint, green tea, chamomile and a succession soothe, relieve irritation and cool the skin. Moisturizing and calming effect also have vitamin E, glycerin and panthenol.
The product should be soft in texture and have a pleasant mild smell. Even a nice tan will help you look even more gorgeous, but the novelty of modern cosmetics will make it as harmless to your skin.
Useful advice
Learn how to use after sun, only then their effect will be complete. After being in the sun be sure to take a warm shower. Just do not use hard sponge, scrub or shower gel with peeling effect. Select a gentle cleansing using milk or baby soap. Then gently Pat skin with a towel and proceed to apply after tanning. Do this very gently and apply the cream all over the body, including those areas of skin that were covered by clothing or a swimsuit. Don't dress until it is completely absorbed. It must be applied every time after sunbathing and for two or three days after.

Advice 3 : 10 essential tools for makeup

The makeup on first glance seems to be a complicated science. Maybe it is so. However, this science has the magic tools to help her learn and become beautiful.

1. The first stage of makeup is the concealer. Concealer hides minor imperfections. For example, all kinds of spots, spider veins, inflammation. Also used for masking dark circles under the eyes. Proofreaders are pasty (pencil) and creamy. Concealer is applied point, it should be spread over the skin with gentle movements of fingers. For masking dark circles under the eyes, use only the creamy correctors.

2. The second stage of make – up liquid Foundation. Is used to align the color and texture of the skin. The tone provides a smooth surface for application of subsequent layers of makeup. For normal, combination and dry skin use liquid or creamy makeup. And for oily skin a tinted moisturizer with a matte effect. The color of the Foundation to check on the lower border of the cheekbone.

3. The third stage of makeup – powder. Powder fixes the Foundation and concealer. Gives the skin a matte, silky. Powder is of two types: loose powder or compact. To create makeup it is best to use loose powder. It is applied with a special brush. The compact powder is more suitable for correcting makeup during the day.

4. The fourth stage makeup – blush. Blush is designed to refresh the complexion and give it a healthy glow. With blush you can model your face shape. Blush are dry and creamy. Dry blush should be applied with a brush and a creamy – directly on the cheekbones.

5. Next, the fifth stage makeup is eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner allows you to adjust the shape of the eyes, enhance natural color of the eyes. Eyeliner can be pencil and liquid form. It should be applied along the line growth upper lashes and on the outer part of the external century.

6. The sixth stage makeup – eyeshadow. Using shadows to emphasize and highlight the color and shape of eyes and to correct it. The shadows are in the form of pencils, creamy, and traditional, dry shade. Shade should be chosen depending on the eye color and situation. For example, for daytime makeup enough eye shadow that blends with the eye color, but for special occasions it is possible to use bright, contrasting colors.

7. The seventh stage of the make – up eyebrow pencil. It is necessary, because properly designed eyebrow open, refresh and beautifully frame the face. Eyebrow color for blondes should be a tone darker than the hair color, brunettes – a tone lighter, and brown hair to match or be very close in tone to hair color. For grooming brows, use a special dry brush. For unruly eyebrows you can apply a little gel or mousse for styling, those that you use for the hair.

8. The eighth stage makeup – mascara. Carcasses vary depending on the destination, they are bulky, some mascara, and also with the effect of separating eyelashes. Universal color ink, black. The actual brown mascara for daytime makeup light-skinned women.

9. Then follows the contour of the lips. It is applied before applying lipstick to correct the lips shape. Besides, he holds a lipstick, not allowing it to spread and blur. The contour should be chosen, respectively lip color or tone used lipstick.

10. Finish lipstick. It attracts the attention of many lipsticks include sunscreens, the components to rejuvenate and moisturize, vitamins.

Advice 4 : What is the primer?

Primer is a special building material, which produce priming surfaces before installation of waterproofing and roofing materials. Pre-priming the surface with primer can significantly increase the service life of the materials laid on top.
What is the primer?

General information

Bitumen primer is a black liquid without foreign inclusions. The primer is made by dissolving bitumen, and the dissolution occurs only with organic solvents, that is, composed of primer, there are no toxic substances.

The primer facilitates and accelerates the waterproofing and roofing works, and their quality is increased.

In the shop you can purchase either a ready primer or concentrated. The first is already ready to use, although it must first be mixed, preferably using a special drill with a mixing attachment. Second, you must breed, for this is used an organic solvent: solvent type appropriate for this primer, must be specified in the instructions to the primer, and the proportions in which it should be diluted. A concentrated primer is more economical, and willing to work.

Work with primer only outdoors or in a well ventilated area.

The primer increases the adhesion of surface and material. It can be used for wood, concrete, metal, asbestos or any porous surfaces. The primer used for preparation of bridge spans, roofing, underground structures, foundations, pipe surfaces, which is applied to the insulation.

When applying primer to metal surface, it not only ensures the best placing of insulation or roof, but also gives the surface anti-corrosion properties.

The primer softens only at temperatures above 80oC, so it can safely be used in any, even the hot, weather.

Primers have a very high level of adhesion, that is, they are very well connected with the ground, and with a material that is placed on top.

Even dusty, rough, very porous surface, treated with primer, it becomes suitable for carrying out insulation work.

The types of primers

There are several types of primers. The most common is the ordinary bitumen, it has the lowest cost, easy to use. Bitumen-polymer primer is more expensive, the Committee put special substances that improve the properties, so it is much faster drying, better protects the surface from negative influence of environment.

Bitumen emulsion primer - water emulsion of bitumen, this primer differs in that it uses as solvent only water, it is usually applied for work indoors.

Advice 5 : What is the primer

A primer referred to as materials for coating surfaces. But the meaning of this word is not so clear: the primers are used not only in construction but also in makeup. The materials used as the basis, can be very different.
The concrete surface is treated with a waterproofing primer
Primer – a substance used for processing the surface before applying any finishing coatings. In the construction of primers referred to as primer materials. They are used to prepare plaster, concrete, gypsum Board, brick, wood for painting, wallpapering, plastering.

For the construction of the right primer?

The structure of any material is that its surface always has small fissures and small particles. Priming compositions are intended to fill the pores and level the top layer. Each primer has any protective property or combination of properties. For example, there are formulations of deep penetration with water-repellent properties that improve the adhesion, give the material resistance. The first is often used for treatment of concrete, brick, wood surfaces before applying plaster or paint.

There are primers with anticorrosive properties. They are necessary for processing pipe used in the installation of communications. In the private construction of such primers for metal are used for protection of metal elements of fences and other structures.

There are primers for concrete: polymer, bitumen, polyurethane. For example, primer mixture "SS-Primer" is a primer for concrete, as it strengthens its structure and improves adhesion to the paint and plaster compounds. The bitumen protects the surface from moisture, therefore, is water-repellent primer for concrete.

Polyurethane primer is used to strengthen the surfaces with porous and weak structure. These primers are suitable for metal products, concrete, brick, ceramic, plaster. Work with these compounds is possible and at a low temperature. Primer based on polyurethane prepare the structure of materials for finishing works.

What is the primer for the makeup artist?

Makeup is also used priming materials. Their use helps to maintain the health of skin, hide its imperfections and other minor cosmetic flaws. Simply put, primer is a makeup base. This product is relatively new in the cosmetic market, but managed to win the recognition of the make-up artists and beauticians. Makeup base can be transparent or matte.

Use the primer and the nail design. It consists of methacrylic acid and has degreasing properties. In addition, this primer composition prevents peeling nails and reinforces the biological structure of the nail.

Advice 6 : What makeup suitable for blue dress

Choosing a blue dress, make a suitable make-up. You need to even out the complexion and revive its glow. Pay special attention to the eyes: you can choose a shade of neutral colors or you choose the makeup that matches the shade with the dress. Consider not only the color but also the texture of the fabric - it also can be emphasized by makeup.
What makeup suitable for blue dress

Everyday makeup

Strict blue dress is perfect for the office. Support the elegance of a suitable makeup. It needs to be fashionable, but discreet, stylish and very easy.

For skin, choose tinted balm or cream powder light shade. These tools lay down a very thin layer, Mat well a person alive without hiding the skin's radiance. Apply with fingertips, as if driving it. Cheeks will ottenete light creamy blush pink or rotovate beige.
If you do not have time for full makeup, limit yourself to tone, blush and mascara - the face will look fresh and well maintained.

Bright makeup of eyes and lips day looks out of place. On the eyelids apply a cream shadow base colors - for example, grayish-beige or bluish grey. Add a trendy touch can help dark blue mascara - it looks fashionable, but not provocative. Lips emphasize light non-sticky gloss beige or dark pink.

Makeup for special occasions

Holiday make-up evening dress is different from daily light. You can choose more intense colors, complement them with sequins, mother of pearl reflections and other special effects.

The basis for evening makeup - smooth and radiant complexion. Be sure to use a leveling base - it will create a "photoshop" effect, removing enlarged pores, fine lines and other imperfections. Dark blue or bright blue color of the dress harmonizes a bright shining face, so choose a pink or purple base gives the skin a dazzling freshness.

Over Foundation put liquid concealer porcelain or grayish-beige. Avoid funds with a red undertone - they will look unhealthy. Blend Foundation with a sponge or brush - cream must fully blend with the skin. Face powder transparent light powder. On the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and forehead apply a little highlighter silver-pink or pale Golden hue. The choice depends on the tone of the dress and the color of your skin and hair.

Cheeks will ottenete pale pink or light red blush. Apply them to the most convex part of the cheeks. On top of the blush you can also apply a small portion of highlighter makeup will look even more impressive.

Highlight eyes - evening makeup looks especially expressive. On the eyelids apply a dark blue shadow, emphasizing the upper and lower eyelids. Choose a cream or powder shadow with a shimmering, silky texture. Vivid shades complement the velvet-black mascara, applied in two layers.
Don't forget about manicure. The blue dress, pick up a trendy nail Polish color or black sapphire stormy sky - it's beautifully set off the skin of the hands and fingers will give the grace.

Lips is lipstick to emphasize the calm, clear tones - dark pink, pink-beige or reddish. Choose cool or neutral shades they are in perfect harmony with a thick blue dress. Very impressive looks like lipstick has tiny shimmer - it gives the lips volume.
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