A time when girls used one concealer is long gone. Modern cosmetic brands offer many tools that are needed to create the perfect makeup.


The primer is applied to the cream and acts as a substrate under Foundation or powder. His second name – base under makeup. The main objective of the primer is to align the skin relief, to hide the pores and extend the life of Foundation cream.

Base makeup come in several colors. Transparent or white base just makes the skin smooth, preparing it for application of colors. The pink base will hide the dullness and make complexion healthy. Lilac – will mask the yellowness. Yellow hides bruises under the eyes. And the green bases make redness from the pimples less noticeable.


Foundation hides skin imperfections, smoothes the complexion. To apply, it must, moving from the center to the edges. This will help to avoid the mask effect. Concealer can be applied with fingers, brush or sponge. When applied with a sponge soaked with water, the obtained transparent coating.

Foundation is available in a neutral beige shades, and shades for yellow and pink potona skin. Choosing a cream at the store, test it on the border of the face and neck, it needs to blend in with your complexion.


The task of bronzer to give the skin a glow and a light tan. Shade should be one or two shades darker than the skin.

Bronzer is available in powder, cream and even butter. Depending on the texture it can be applied with a brush or fingers. Use bronzer need, applying it on the sides of the forehead, cheekbones, nose and chin.


Highlighter is needed to lighten some areas on the face. For example, circles under the eyes, redness on the nose, nasolabial folds. It is not greasy, unlike the corrector. Therefore, to use the highlighter on areas of skin should be very careful not to attract any more attention. Highlighter is applied on cream Foundation or powder.


Shimmer adds radiance. It is applied with a brush on the cheekbones, center of forehead and chin on top of Foundation. It can also be used, applying under the brow and in the inner corner of the eye. It comes in fluid, cream or powder. This is the final stage of toning of the skin. Choosing shimmer for every day, avoid too large sequin.