General information

Bitumen primer is a black liquid without foreign inclusions. The primer is made by dissolving bitumen, and the dissolution occurs only with organic solvents, that is, composed of primer, there are no toxic substances.

The primer facilitates and accelerates the waterproofing and roofing works, and their quality is increased.

In the shop you can purchase either a ready primer or concentrated. The first is already ready to use, although it must first be mixed, preferably using a special drill with a mixing attachment. Second, you must breed, for this is used an organic solvent: solvent type appropriate for this primer, must be specified in the instructions to the primer, and the proportions in which it should be diluted. A concentrated primer is more economical, and willing to work.

Work with primer only outdoors or in a well ventilated area.

The primer increases the adhesion of surface and material. It can be used for wood, concrete, metal, asbestos or any porous surfaces. The primer used for preparation of bridge spans, roofing, underground structures, foundations, pipe surfaces, which is applied to the insulation.

When applying primer to metal surface, it not only ensures the best placing of insulation or roof, but also gives the surface anti-corrosion properties.

The primer softens only at temperatures above 80oC, so it can safely be used in any, even the hot, weather.

Primers have a very high level of adhesion, that is, they are very well connected with the ground, and with a material that is placed on top.

Even dusty, rough, very porous surface, treated with primer, it becomes suitable for carrying out insulation work.

The types of primers

There are several types of primers. The most common is the ordinary bitumen, it has the lowest cost, easy to use. Bitumen-polymer primer is more expensive, the Committee put special substances that improve the properties, so it is much faster drying, better protects the surface from negative influence of environment.

Bitumen emulsion primer - water emulsion of bitumen, this primer differs in that it uses as solvent only water, it is usually applied for work indoors.