eBay gives sellers a platform for the realization of any goods via the Internet. The company eBay Inc is only an intermediary in the conclusion between the seller and the buyer of the deed of sale. Payment of the product and its delivery is carried out without the involvement of eBay. For the use of the Internet platform, the seller pays a fee, which consists of a percentage of the sale price of the goods and the charge for the placing of the lot. Buyers use the services of eBay for free.
On trading site eBay, there are liberal conditions as the company's profit depends directly on the volume of sales. Allowed the realization of any goods and services that do not violate the laws of the country in which the registered branch office.
Selling of goods on can be one of three models: the online auction implementation at a fixed price and ad.
Selling at auction has made eBay one of the most popular trading platforms on the Internet. The seller sets the starting price of the item, the start time and duration of the auction. All potential buyers may at any time to place a bid on this lot, which can be interrupted by other bidders. The current rate is constantly available for viewing on the website. The participant whose bid was the highest at the time of closing of auction receives the right to purchase goods. The purchase price on eBay not correspond to the maximum rate, and the second-largest rate plus one auction step.
When selling at a fixed price the seller offers his goods at the marked price until the end of the auction. The first party agreed to pay that price gets the right to purchase goods. Often used combination sale at a fixed price and auction.
The third way of realization of goods and services on eBay involves the creation of a perpetual ad that will be shown in section eBay Shop, owned by the seller. In this section, the seller can post ads without stating the time of their graduation. You can also view the seller's products which are currently sold at a fixed price or auctioned.
Purchase on the website primarily paid through PayPal and Moneybookers. You can also use credit and debit cards, Bank transfers.
Delivery of items purchased on eBay, separately negotiated by the seller. It can be paid and free. A number of sellers do not send goods to certain countries. If Russia is among such countries, you will have a surcharge to use the services of a mediator who will send goods to your address.