A noticeable result with Goji berries

Tibetan Goji berries are recently becoming increasingly popular. Such a success they have received through advertising, which are a riot of numerous Internet sites and advertising people who have received the result from their use. These berries have plenty of advantages. First, they are very rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids required by the human body: zinc, iron, selenium, germanium, vitamins B1, E, B6, B2. Much 500 times – Goji contains more vitamin C than an orange, is known for the highest content of this vitamin. In addition, the consumption of Goji berries reduces appetite, speeds up the metabolism process, whereby there is faster metabolism and, consequently, rather break down fats, and the body gets energy.

Goji berries has a positive impact on the condition of the skin and the whole organism. To use the berries is easy and can be brewed separately, to add to tea and fruit and then eat it. To combat excess weight per day is enough to consume 20-40 grams of berries, and very soon you will notice results from their application. But this tool is not cheap: as a rule, polukilogrammovy packing berries worth an average of fifteen hundred rubles. And because not everyone is available. In this case, all dieters can advise other berries.

Favorite berries for weight loss

Favorably affect the state of the organism as a whole raspberry. It is very rich in vitamins, low in calories and can be used in the mono-diet. In addition, it should be noted that raspberry helps to strengthen the immune system and does not affect the increase in blood sugar, which is especially important for people suffering from diabetes. Raspberries for weight loss can be consumed in fresh or in dry form, in compotes without sugar. Healthy and natural raspberry juice. But do not expect from raspberry speedy weight loss: the weight will decline gradually, but surely. Please note that the raspberry diet is not recommended for people suffering from urolithiasis, kidney disease, gout and gastritis and ulcer of the stomach or duodenum. Although at the same time, traditional medicine at odds with the opinion of modern Aesculapius, on the contrary, recommends to deal with these ailments with the help of raspberries.

Normalizes metabolism, including fat, grapes are also recommended to use in diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Leads to normal metabolic processes of the body black currant, which has tonic, restorative properties, but due to the high content of vitamin C, organic acids, potassium increases the immune system. For weight loss can be successfully used in all types.

Actively slimming is one of the largest fruit – watermelon, rich in vitamins and at the same time low in calories. Especially useful is the use of watermelon in the heat, as it helps the body to absorb humidity and to stock up on the necessary vitamins and amino acids.

But in General, for weight loss you can use many berries: strawberries, blueberries, currants, cherries, grapes, cherries, cranberries and others. Because they can quench not only thirst, but hunger. It is useful to replace the berries and any snack. And doctors generally recommend during the summer months to eat at least 10 kilograms of different berries for the season.