What is a ban?

Such a thing as a ban, quite often you can find in various forums, torrent trackers, social networks, etc. Sooner or later every novice user can ask the question - "What does it mean to be banned?". By itself, the word ban can be perceived as a prohibition to act. Ban the Internet is a quite popular method of monitoring various actions of users. Of course, in this regard, it turns out that the word ban means restricting the user in some action, that is, he is deprived of some rights or obtains limited rights.

The ability to ban people were already long established in the Internet in order to protect Internet resources from some pranksters, spammers, vandals and other people whose actions are mostly malicious in nature. Usually ban those people who do not follow the requirements of the web resource. Most often, it is due to the fact that people are rude to someone, interfere with productive work site, etc.

How to ban a person?

It should be noted that usually the ban is valid within only that site, which was a registered user and was applied such measures. To ban such a person may either the owner of the Internet resource or its administrator (and sometimes moderators). Usually a ban is only valid for one account. Of course, it turns out that the banned user still can register another account and continue to interfere with people one way or another. Of course, some resources, there is a special kind of ban on the Ip address of the user, but it has its own loopholes. First, most modern providers provide its users with a dynamic IP. Therefore, the user can only restart the Internet and to use the resource. Second, the banned member (even if it's not dynamic, but static IP address) may use proxies or change your IP by using a special software and again to use the service where he was banned.

In fact, the ban is very cruel and most extreme punishment for failure to comply with the rules of any Internet resource. In the end, it turns out that the ban is a way of dealing with users who either interfere with productive work of the service, or the way of dealing with such users, messages which, for one reason or another objectionable to the administrator or the owner of the website.