What if parents don't like the girl?

If you are in love with the girl, and after meeting with the parents, they are against it, do not hold scandals and say that you choose not them, and her. Remember that parents are the most precious people in your life (of course, before you will have own children), so in this situation you will in any case should not abandon them. Will do more wisely. Talk to mom and dad, tell them how much you love them and respect their opinion, but they should listen to your emotions and feelings. Tell parents about all the good qualities of your other half and figure out what exactly it does not suit them. Most likely, they will answer your question, you'll understand what's causing them osterezhenie. Then you can have a conversation with his girlfriend and explain to her that your parents are not happy with some things in her behavior. If she truly loves you, she will make an effort to change and be like your family. Maybe she has some bad habits which she would have to give up for the sake of your future together, or perhaps she was getting too relaxed, that too can be easily fixed.

What parents may not like the girl?

Understand that negativity to your second half may be caused by different reasons. The first of these is sexual jealousy. Just your family I am afraid that with the beginning of a serious relationship, you stop to pay attention to them, and all my free time will only be carried out with the mistress. Surround her parents with attention and care, let them understand that despite the appearance of another person in your life, anyway, they will forever remain your most close and dear people.

The second reason is parental hostility to the girl - negative statements about her society and her family. If mom and dad didn't get to meet with your partner, correct the situation as soon as possible, arrange to meet them. Let them talk to the person you gave your heart and make sure that all words spoken to third parties is only speculation, not confirmed with real facts. From this experience you will gain and another plus - the parents will understand that you not only trust them, but to treat his sweetheart with full seriousness, and not consider a relationship with her next affair.