So, you're going to visit her parents. The first thing they will notice is your appearance. You have to look good. Wear nice ironed shirt and trousers. Prepare shoes. If it's summer, you can wear a white t-shirt and dark jeans. Your appearance should say that you are neat and solid man.
Do not go to visit empty-handed. Buy flowers for her mom, but first check with your favorite, what flowers prefer your future mother-in-law. Her dad can give a small gift. If he normally refers to alcohol, buy a bottle of high-quality alcoholic beverage. Most importantly – do not forget to give flowers and his lady to show her parents how you appreciate her.
Going to their house, do not be nervous. Meet tell me that their daughter talked about them very much good. When you will be invited to the table, remember that you have to take care of his girl. Move a chair for her, gallantly give her a hand, she sat down. You must find her. Try to do it all easily and naturally, parents see that you care about their daughter every day and not just today.
Answer all the questions that they will ask you. There's not much to embellish his achievements. If you have almost achieved nothing in life, let them know that you are very serious and promising man. Talking about work, school, business and life plans.
Interested in the life of the interlocutors, or give the impression that you came in for questioning. Politely ask them questions. Ask the child their favorite. May you have a pleasant evening watching children's photos. Engage her father. Try to pick a moment and talk to him about sports, to find a common theme.
Watch your expressions. Speak nice and clearly. Don't raise your voice and not much motion. Do not argue with her parents, not to discuss other people's problems, intimacy issues, wages, religion, his ex-girlfriends and disadvantages of their daughter. They should be about you a good impression of a balanced, well-mannered young man who very much loves their baby and will never let anyone hurt her.
Leaving of the guests, thank the parents for the lovely dinner and a warm welcome. Tell that he spent in their company a wonderful evening. If possible, speak sincerely, that they really believed you.