Tea or sake

It should be noted that the Japanese themselves prefer to eat sushi with green tea, and drink it not during and after a meal. Alcohol in Japan is not the most popular accompaniment to sushi. So you can always follow the example of Japanese and eating sushi with a good tea.

If you decide to dine in a Japanese restaurant, problems with the choice of a suitable beverage should arise. Usually all available in the menu options chosen to blend together. Besides, you can ask for advice from the waiter who will advise you the most suitable to your taste. Problems with the choice starts when you order sushi to home or self-manufacturing.

If we talk about the Japanese options, the most common alcoholic beverage "under the land" is, of course, sake. You need to understand that sake is not rice wine, but rather a very strong rice beer produced from the process of fermentation. Its strength is quite decent, ranging from 14.5 to 20%. If green tea is drunk after the meal, sake is a kind of aperitif, to whet the appetite. Is it right to heat the drink up to forty degrees, but this is optional. Most Japanese chefs believes that the warm sake stresses the good taste of sushi, but there are those who argue that the warm rice beer (or wine) is quite specific, so this drink is best consumed chilled. If you are determined to complement sushi sake, get traditional dishes of the drink — jugs without handles from clay or porcelain and small bowls or even square boxes made of thick wood.

The usual options of drinks

Sake, if it had not to your taste, you can substitute regular beer (both Japanese and any other varieties). Seafood and beer is great "get along" with each other. It is best to choose light, weak beer, they will come to fish best.

If you are not a fan of beer, prefer a good dry white wine because it is the perfect partner for most fish dishes. The combination of dry white wine and fish will taste gourmet.

Some sushi lovers prefer to eat them with Japanese plum wine, but keep in mind that fruit wine has a pronounced sweet taste that is not too salty goes well with sushi.