How to start a meal

At the sushi bar, as visitors will do your order, the waiter will bring a fragrant green tea. Most often, this drink is free, but there are exceptions.

Also the waiter brings soy sauce which is a must when eating sushi rolls, and special wet towel called oshibori. It is sure to be hot or warm, so you should be careful. You will need it in order to clients before a meal to wipe dry hands. And to make this action right until the towel cools off. Then the waiters carry him.

Each visitor will be special small tray-stand that will accommodate a boat of small size. It poured soy sauce. There is added a small amount of wasabi – a very spicy national condiment. This is done with the help of sticks. The mixture was thoroughly stirred. As a result, the sauce is spicy. But to overdo it with Japanese horseradish is not necessary otherwise you will not feel the true taste of Japanese cuisine.

Rules for the consumption of meals

Now you can go to the direct consumption of meals. So, sushi and rolls is quite possible to have not only chopsticks, but hands. However, the second option in the consumption of Japanese food is allowed only representatives of the stronger sex. But if a woman is not in the sushi bar, but at home, in the circle of close people, it is quite possible to deviate from the rules.

Sushi or rolls should be dipped in the sauce. Not to dip them completely. Need to do it, only edge have fish sushi or squarely at the rolls. Accordingly, it is necessary to wet the rice. Eating the treat whole — do not try to bite off only a small piece. This should be sure to remember!

Then you need to eat a small piece of ginger. In that case, if a visitor to the sushi bar doesn't like ginger, you can just hold it in your mouth. After all, it helps to bring down the taste before the test or a different sushi roll.

What to drink with sushi and rolls

Not everyone knows, but to wash down the sushi would be best is green tea, which brings institutions courtesy of the waiter. To do so is for the reason that the drink can not only improve digestion, but not to interrupt the taste of Japanese dishes.

If you are having a party at home and are going to organize a Japanese-style dinner, the alcoholic beverage is better suited to beer. But do not forget about the traditional sake.