How to choose a snack with alcohol

First is to decide what kind of alcohol will be served to the table. If it's white wine, it is possible to submit to it fruit, seafood and poultry. Fine wine will be combined with cheeses with noble mold, which is so loved by the French.

Red wine matches perfectly with meat dishes, especially lamb. Table wines can be combined with poultry, various poultry and vegetables cooked on the grill.

If selected popular pink wine, then it is better to serve a cold meat snack, soft cheeses and various desserts.
Strong wine will be an excellent aperitif to a variety of soups and meat. The best choice would be lamb. Salty cheese is soften the taste of the wine, and awakens the appetite.

Champagne is usually served fish dishes, it can be both river and sea. Only fish do not need much seasoning spices. Salads with seafood, chicken is also perfect for a meal with champagne.

Don't forget about various kinds of pasta, sandwiches with caviar and noble cheeses. Romantic evening with champagne should complement the desserts: fruit, biscuits with berries, halva, dark chocolate or ice cream.

Royal addition will be oysters, mussels and snails, which need to be served chilled on crushed ice with special sauce.

A snack with alcohol drinks

Men often prefer brandy, vodka or gin. This is a very strong alcohol, which should be sure to file an appetizer.

Cognac in the classic version is used without snacks. The tradition of drinking brandy with lemon or chocolate exists only in Russia. Abroad, he is extremely self-drink served at the end of the evening. However, to give an unbeatable taste can be submitted to brandy, milk, coffee, fruit juice, orange is better, and ice cream.

Gin is most often used for cocktails. They can apply olives, slices of lemon and even rings of marinated onions.

Much easier is the choice when selecting a snack for vodka. Here is where carousing fantasy. Dishes with fatty meats, spicy fish will make a wonderful snack. You can prepare pancakes stuffed with eggs or meat, dumplings and even soup.

The table, where there is vodka, it is necessary to Supplement vegetable snacks on the salty pickles and tomatoes, sauerkraut, apples, eggplant.